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If your dog rides in your car, chances are your car seats are a mess. Between your dog having muddy or wet paws and them drooling, they can do a real number on your car seats. It makes it hard for anyone else to even what to ride in the back seat after your dog has been for a ride.

waterproof dog seat cover

Get a dog seat cover to protect your car from dog hair and wet paws

That is why you need a waterproof dog seat cover for your car. They come in many styles, and there are several benefits to the dog seat covers besides just them being waterproof.

I want to show you a waterproof seat cover that I think can benefit most dog owners.  Dogs love to come along for a car ride, but sometimes the mess that is left behind makes it hard for us to want to take them along.  We are going to solve that problem for you.

Vailge Dog Seat Cover For Back Seats

This dog seat cover is a hammock style dog seat cover. If you aren’t familiar with hammock dog seat covers, they are great for not only keeping your dog’s fur contained off the seat but also off the floor.

Another benefit of a hammock dog seat cover is that it keeps your dog from falling on the floor when you have to make sudden stops and it safely keeps your dog in the back seat, keeping you from distractions when you are driving and your dog tries to hop up in the front seat.

There is a center mesh window which provides better air circulation, keeping your dog comfortable in the winter or summer. Your dog will be able to see you through the mesh window, preventing them from anxiety from being separated from you. Your dog will also be able to see out the front window which can help prevent car sickness.

There are side flaps that can go up as well. They will protect the doors from scratches and help contain dog hair on the seat cover and not on the carpet where it is hard to remove. The side flaps flip down to help with easy removal of your dog and protect the sides of the seats and the carpet on the side of the seats when your dog is getting in and out of your car.

This dog seat cover is machine washable on a gentle cycle.

100% Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

The Vailge seat cover is made with 2 waterproof layers. It is made with 600D Oxford that has a water-resistant coating and tpu, which is a new waterproof material. This will protect leather seats and cloth seats from damage and stains.

It will prevent seats from getting stained or wet, even if your dog has an accident in the car or if they just recently went for a swim before getting in the car and are still dripping wet. No more wet car seats or muddy paw prints on your car seats.

Installation And Sizes

The Vailge dog seat cover is easy to install and it is also easy to convert it from a hammock style dog seat cover to a standard bench dog seat cover. This allows a person to share the backseat with your dog when you install it as a bench seat cover.

waterproof dog seat cover

Just got done with a family hike. Do you want this guy getting in your car?

The seat cover is held in place by 4 head rest straps that are quick release clips, allowing to easily install and remove when needed. It has a nonslip backing that helps hold it in place on your car seats with 2 anchors that tuck into your seat to keep the cover in place.

There are 2 openings for seat belts to come through and Vailge includes a dog seat belt for free if you want to seat belt your dog in for added safety.

The seat cover comes in black only. It is available in 2 sizes. The standard size fits most cars and SUV’s and measures 56″ wide by 60″ long. The extra large size is specially designed for full size trucks and large SUV’s. It measures 60″ wide by 64″ long.

No matter which size you are going with, they are both under $40 from Amazon.

Dog Seat Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Vailge dog seat cover for any reason, they will refund you in full within 24 hours. Their customer service is very helpful and friendly to work with.


If you are looking for a waterproof dog seat cover, the Vailge Dog Seat Cover is a great purchase at an affordable price. The hammock style dog seat cover provides complete protection in your backseat from dog hair and wet dogs. Keeping your car cleaner and protecting your car seats from wet paws and wet bodies.

A hammock style dog seat also makes it safer for your dog to ride along by keeping them in the backseat and preventing them from falling on the floor of your car. You will not only have safer car rides for you and your dog, but you will be keeping your car clean and protected at the same time.

Go to Amazon now to purchase the car seat cover that is going to save you hours of clean up time and keep your car looking new longer.

If you can find additional general information or guide to dog seat covers here.

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  1. I just received my dog car seat Hammock . I don’t know what the two large straps are for. Would you please tell me where they go thank you

    • I believe that the 2 straps that you are talking about are for by the doors. You would attach them to the side of the seat cover, and then if you have a handle in the ceiling, you would run it through there. It will help keep it in place and help protect the door.

  2. Our car has 2 buckets seats in the 2nd row. What do you recommend for covers? We have leather and our previous vehicle did as well and a toenail punctured the seat. We want black covers to offer some more padding for sharp little toes.

    • I would recommend using the CPG Dots seat protector. It is waterproof, quilted and padded to protect against nails with a nonslip backing. You can check it out on the link I have provided for you. It has a headrest anchor, backstrap anchor and tuck under your seat anchor. It is very reasonably priced as well and the reviews are good.

  3. WE have a 2019 Ram 3500 truck. I found a cover that I like on Amazon from Vialage. Not sure which size to order. Seat is 60″, armrest to armrest is 61.5, and door to door(above armrest) is 66.5″. I am thinking we need to order xlarge at 64″ but do not want too much bagginess happening. What size would you recommend ordering 60″ or 64″?

    • I would recommend ordering the 64″ seat cover. It is better for it to be a bit bigger than too small to fit the seat. You should be able to tuck it tight in the seat.

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