7 Best Interactive Dog Toys To Keep Your Dog Entertained


Dogs get bored being home alone. Their regular toys can only offer so much fun when there isn’t anyone throwing them or playing tug of war with them. The best interactive dog toys can offer so much more entertainment for your dog and help with mental stimulation. Providing hours of fun.

Best interactive dog toys

Your dog needs interactive dog toys for mental stimulation

I have reviewed numerous interactive dog toys to find the best based on reviews, price, safety and entertainment value.

Here is my list of the best interactive dog toys and also information about picking the right toy and the benefits of interactive dog toys for your dog.

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

A great interactive toy to keep your dog busy. It is a combination of 3 interactive dog toys in one. It dispenses treats that are contained in a tough plastic jug.

It is large enough to hold entire meal. Unique design appeals to all 5 senses, to encourage dogs to play. Dogs can see, smell and hear the treats while moving the Tug-A-Jug around.

The lid is covered with a knobby rubber ball similar to a stress ball. Lastly, it has a strong rope made of pet-safe fibers for tugging the rubber ball lid to gain access to the treats inside the jug. The knobby ball and fiber rope also help work as a dental chew to help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

To use, twist off the bottom lid of the Tug-A-Jug. Load with treats or kibble and then replace the lid. As dogs play with the Tug-A-Jug, treats will randomly come out through the opening at the top of the jug. The rope acts as a barrier to meter the amount of food that is dispensed.

Is available in extra small (under 10 pounds), small (10-40 pounds) and medium/large (over 40 pounds) sizes to find the right size for your dog. Hand wash only.  Made by PetSafe.

Star Mark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

This interactive toy is similar to the KONG. It is shaped like a fat, short bowling pin with 2 compartments to hide treats. It allows you to change the size of the opening to fit different sized dog treats and to change the difficulty. You can also put your dog’s food in the lower section to help promote slower eating. Slower eating is especially important for dogs who run the risk of dog bloat.

Easy to fill with treats and food and easy to clean.

The weighted bottom adds a bit of a challenge that other toys don’t have for getting the treats out. The toy bobs and tilts providing entertainment for your dog. Available in small and large size.

Interactive Dog Toy by FurryFido

Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated as they try to figure out how to get the treats out. Fill toy with treats or dog food. Treats and food will spill out while your dog plays with the toy.

Entertaining sound to keep your dog intrigued. Indestructible material, non-toxic, safe material that also helps clean your dog’s teeth. Unique pattern helps clean your dog’s teeth while they are having fun.

When your dog rolls the ball around or chews on it, treats fall through small holes. The reward of the treats will help encourage your dog to actively play with the ball. You can play fetch with your dog or they can entertain themselves.

Made of durable, natural rubber to encourage chewing and massage your dog’s gums. Helps clear plaque from your dog’s teeth to help with healthy teeth.

FurryFido is committed to your satisfaction by offering a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks, or your dog doesn’t like it, you can get your money back.

FurryFido Treat Dispensing Dog Toy-Smart Interactive IQ Ball

This IQ ball promotes mental and physical stimulation as your dog tries to figure out how to retrieve treats. Fill the ball with treats or food that will spill out as your dog plays with their toy.

Comes with a unique fun sound to keep dogs intrigued to play with the toy.

Made from non-toxic materials that are safe for your dog. The unique pattern design helps clean your dog’s teeth while they play with the toy. Lifetime warranty.

Dog Toys Interactive Plush Squeak Giggle Ball

Active plush toy that has an auto shake and makes sound that will attract your dog to have fun with the toy. When turned on, the ball will bark and shake – stopping in 10-15 seconds. When your dog touches or shakes the toy, it will woof and start shaking again. Shakes and rolls unpredictably around the room to help make it more entertaining for your dog.

Comes with 2 covers – brown bear and blue elf. The covers are removable with Velcro to allow machine washing. Requires 3 AAA batteries which are included.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs

This interactive toy is quite a bit more expensive than the other toys I have listed, but the activity that it can provide your dog is well worth it. It is an automatic tennis ball launcher using mini tennis balls. You can adjust the launch distance from 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor fun. You can teach your dog to drop the balls back in the machine to provide continuous fun.

Used batteries or can plug into the wall.

The iFetch is for small dogs, but they also have the iFetch Too available for larger dogs.

The iFetch Too launches standard sized tennis balls. It launches balls 10 feet, 25 feet or 40 feet. It also includes a random distance setting to keep your dog guessing where the ball will go next. Comes with a rechargeable battery.

Both the iFetch and IFetch Too provide not only great exercise for your dog but also mental stimulation. Can replace balls with standard tennis balls or mini balls when new balls are needed.

Won “Best in Show” at SuperZoo – the pet industry’s largest trade show.

Wooly Snuffle Mat Feeding Mat For Dogs By Paws

The Wooly Snuffle Mat is like a fluffy area rug with extra long fibers that simulate tall grass. It will simulate a dog’s natural instinct to forage for food. Sprinkle your dog’s favorite treats or food through the fibers of the Snuffle mat and let your dog search for his reward.

The Snuffle Mat engages your dog’s powerful sense of smell as they snort and sniff along looking for dinner or treats. It will feed both your dog’s brain and their belly.

Machine washable.

What Is Important For A Good Interactive Dog Toy

Different sizes available – Make sure that you are purchasing a toy that is the appropriate size for your dog. Too small of a toy can cause potential choking. If the toy is too large for your dog, they may not show any interest in the toy since it might be too large for their mouth.

Washable – Many of the interactive dog toys incorporate the use of treats or food. You will want to be able to easily wash the toy to keep it a healthy toy for your dog.

Safety – Make sure whichever interactive toy you chose is safe for your dog and made with non-toxic materials that are safe for dogs.

Adjustable Difficulty – If you have a very intelligent dog, you should probably want to either chose a more challenging toy or chose one that is adjustable. Once your intelligent dog figures the toy out, they won’t any longer be challenged if you can’t make adjustments.

The Importance Of Interactive Dog Toys

Just like people, dogs need mental stimulation to help prevent them from getting bored. Mental stimulation will help keep your dog healthy and happy. Mental stimulation is as important as daily exercise for your dog, and the best interactive dog toys is the way to make sure your dog is getting all the mental challenges that your dog requires.

Interactive toys help prevent your dog from getting into trouble, keeps their mind busy and they will be less focused on barking or damaging something in your home when they are left alone.

Dogs are highly social animals. They thrive on interaction. If you have more than one dog, it isn’t usually as big of a problem because they have each other to play with. But if you have one dog and he ends up being alone a lot, your dog needs some additional stimulation.

Best Interactive Toys

Dogs need mental stimulation

Interactive toys can help with anxiety because it will give your dog something constructive to do. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will really benefit from having something to keep their mind busy while they are alone.

Puzzle toys can help sharpen your dog’s problem solving skills, which will help with dog training as well.

Interactive toys that offer your dog their food will help your dog slow down on their eating. The puzzles can help prevent dog bloat for at risk dogs.

All the interactive toys I have discussed will encourage your dog to think in order to get their toy or treat or food.

Best interactive dog toys

Give your dog something to do that won’t get them in trouble

Intelligent dogs can really benefit from these type of toys, but no matter how intelligent your dog is, a challenge for their brain will help benefit your dog.

It is as important as their daily exercise requirements, and all of these toys will work their mind and promote exercise and movement as well.

If you can’t be your dog’s interactive toy because you have responsibilities away from your dog, you have a responsibility to make sure your dog has an interactive toy to keep them busy while you are gone, or even when you are home.

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  1. These dog toys look great! And I agree, it is important to have dog toys as if your out all the time, the dog can get very bored. The ifetch looks so cool! Id have to train my dog to put it back in the hole haha but itd be so worth it! She loves the ball

    • I am going to have say that I think the iFetch is the best of all of these. It can add entertainment for your dog for so long, and you can leave it on all day and they can play whenever they want. Yes, I would agree, it might challenging to train your dog to drop the ball in the top to make it work. Thanks for reading my article.

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