Arf Pets Free Standing Dog Gate Review


Arf Pets Free Standing Dog Gate Review

Name: Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

Website: arfpets.com

Price: Around $110 From Amazon

Overall Rank: 4.2 out of 5

Arf’s Free Standing Dog Gate, Product Overview

The Arf free standing dog gate works well in open concept homes that have wide openings, helping to contain your dog to a certain area of your home. It has interconnecting panels that form a gate to block off selected areas of your home.

The panels are made of quality wood and have a decorative bone cutout on top of each panel.

Comes with a hinged door gate that is mounted with 360 degree hinges, allowing you to open in or out. This is helpful to keep a dog from sneaking through when the gate is opened. There is an easy to use latch attached to the gate, that is dog proof.

The connections of the panels are flexible allowing you to arrange the gate in different shapes, or you can connect them all together to create a penned area.

Easy to set up, and when not using the gate, you can easily fold it back against the wall. The gate comes with 2 stabilizing support feet, and although they might seem like they wouldn’t do much, they will prevent your dog from tipping over the dog gate.

The gate is 31.5″ tall, which should contain even larger dogs, and 80″ wide. It is hard to find good quality dog gates that are as wide as this. If the 80″ is still not large enough for the area that you need to enclose, you can purchase 2 additional panels separately that would give you an extra 40″ in width. There is also an extension kit with 1 panel and an additional gate available.

There is only 1 color that is available, and that is Rich Espresso.

The Good And The Bad

The Good:

Pro #1: Gate Entrance with 360 degree hinges, allowing in or out swing.

Pro #2: Able to close off wide openings.

Pro #3: Can convert to an enclosed pen.

Pro #4: Additional panels available to add 40″ to the width.

The Bad:

Con #1: Doesn’t attach to wall. Aggressive dogs could move aside the gate from the wall.

Con #2: Need to use as an accordion set up in openings – loosing some of your length.

Con #3: Not to be used with dogs that like to chew.

Who Is The Arf Pets Gate For?

If you have wide openings and you need to contain your dog at times, the Arf Free Standing dog gate is a great option. It works great if you have visitors that aren’t particularly fond of dogs, use it to keep a wet dog in an area off of the carpeting or furniture, when eating to keep your dog from begging, or if you just can’t trust your dog to have complete run of your home.

There are many gentle dogs that would never try to go through any type of barrier that is if front of them, and this system would be the perfect solution for keeping a dog contained when needed.

I wouldn’t recommend this gate to someone who has a dog that likes to chew on wood, as they could quickly damage the gate with their chewing.

I also wouldn’t recommend this gate if you have an aggressive dog that would paw at the side of the gate until they got it moved over and could escape. There are modifications you could do by adding a hinge on the end of the gate, attaching it to the wall directly, however these parts would not be included with this gate purchase.

What’s Included In The Box

  • 4 Foldable Gate Panels, including 1 door gate
  • 2 Support Feet
  • 2 Connecting Rods
  • User Guide

Arf Pets Support

If you have questions or problems with your free standing dog gate, you can contact Arf Pets at 1-877-711-6886 or support@arfpets.com

My Final Opinion Of Arf Free Standing Dog Gate

If you have an open concept house, there aren’t many options available other than getting a free standing dog gate. It allows you to still open everything up when you don’t feel the need to contain your dog. This Arf Free Standing dog gate review was created with the purpose of showing you the good and the bad of the product, to help you decide if it is something worth purchasing for your home.

With over 350 reviews of this product, 60% of the customers rated this product 5 out of 5. I do believe the product is beautiful and will look very nice in most homes. I also think that dogs that aren’t aggressive or aren’t chewers, this gate will work great to keep them where you want them.

Concerns that I would have about this product is that many people complained that they didn’t feel the 2 support feet that are included were enough to keep the gate stable. You can purchase 2 additional feet if you desire. The other issue would be thinking that you can close off an area that is 80″ long.

You can not fully stretch this gate out all 80″, or it won’t be very stable. You need to put it up like an accordion that you see in the picture in order for it to have the best support.

If you have a small dog, this dog gate might be a bit over kill for you. Depending on how small your dog is, you might want to get a dog gate that is only 24″ tall and something that you can just step over.

If you need more information on indoor dog gates, I would suggest taking a look at my dog gate buying guide. It talks about all the styles that are available and which style works best for which application.

Verdict: Would I Purchase This Product

Maybe. It depends a lot on how your dog behaves. I love that it has a gate for getting in and out and also that it can be completely moved out of the way when not needed.

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  1. Would it be good to use with small kittens about 3 lb? I am trying to close an area off so the cats will not be on the door step.

    • You should be ok using the Arf Pet Standing gate. The spacing between the rails is 2″. I had to check the spacing, since I was afraid that kittens that small might get their head inbetween the railings. You might want to measure their heads first though, and they will keep growing.

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