Best Indoor Dog Barriers-Dog Gate Buying Guide


There could be many reasons that you might need an indoor dog barrier in your home. You might have a new puppy that your are trying to potty train and prevent him from chewing up the house, to contain a dog from arriving guests at the front door, maybe to keep your dog away from the dinner table or an adult dog that just likes making a mess in your home.

Best indoor dog gates

Indoor dog gates can protect your dog and your home

I am going to take a look at what I consider the best indoor dog gates and also provide you with a dog gate buying guide on the different types of dog gates available. Many gates that are used for dogs are the same gates that would be used for children.

Types Of Indoor Dog Gates

There are 3 main types of indoor dog barriers. You are going to want to decide where and how you are using the gate to help you figure out which type of gate will work best for your situation.

Pressure Mounted Gates – These are also known as tension gates. This gate is a hassle free installation. They are generally used in doorways or hallways, since they are smaller gates.

Wall-Mounted Gates – This gate is fixed to the wall with screws into the drywall or door frame. Installation and removal of this gate will take more time and require patching of the holes in the wall when you decide to remove the gate.

Free Standing Gates – This gate is easy to set up as well. It works great in open concept homes, since they generally will have a larger area to span across. You will want to make sure if using this gate that your dog can’t or won’t paw the gate away from the edge of the wall to get out of their enclosure.

Most of the freestanding gates will be sturdy enough to keep your dog from getting out. It does help to have feet on the bottom to help prevent your dog from tipping the gate over.

Gate Features

There are several features you will want to consider before choosing the best gate for your home and dog.

  • Ease of installation and breakdown and storage.
  • Locking mechanism – how effective it is.
  • Ease of walking through. What type of gate and how wide the gate is.
  • Quality of materials.

Most gates are manufactured in rich wood colors to look like furniture for your home, or metals in a variety of colors. If you have a dog that is a chewer, you might want to stay away from the wood gates.

Do you want your gate to have an auto close? Most of the metal gates will have auto close. No matter which type of closer your gate has, it is much easier to use a gate door that swings in and out. There is less chance of your dog sneaking out when you can operate the door in both directions.

Make sure to choose a gate that is going to be high enough that your dog can’t jump over the gate. If you are only planning on containing puppies or small breed dogs, you will be able to get a gate that is low enough to step over. But if you have a larger dog, make sure the gate is high enough to keep your dog in.

Best indoor dog gates

Puppies can make a mess

Best Free-Standing Dog Gates

Arf Pets Free-Standing Wood Dog Gate

  • This is a free-standing gate and pen with interconnecting panels that can form a gated area to block your dog from certain rooms or you can connect it together as an enclosed pen.
  • It is manufactured with quality wood material in a rich expresso color. It cleans with a soft cloth and mild detergent.
  • Hinged door gate – unlatch door gate easily.
  • Stabilizing support feet for additional balance. Includes 2 feet.
  • Multiple configurations – flexible connections allowing panels to be arranged in different shapes. Additional extensions are available for purchase.
  • 31.5″ tall – 80″ wide

Included in package: 4 foldable gate panels including 1 door gate, 2 support feet, 2 connecting rods and user guide.

You can read my full review of this product at Arf Review.

Total Win Freestanding Dog Gate

  • Provides elegant furniture style that works great with an open concept home.
  • 80″ wide, 36″ high.
  • Made of wood.
  • 360 degree hinges, offering many designs for how you set the gate up.
  • Stabilizing rubber support feet included to protect your floor.
  • Color is rich espresso with anti-rust bronzed hinges.
  • No assembly required.
  • Clean with soft damp cloth.

Total Win Freestanding dog gate

Best Wall-Mounted Dog Gates

North States Deluxe Decor Gate

  • Heavy duty metal construction.
  • Swing gate that swings both directions. Wide gate opening at 25.5″ wide.
  • Mounts on straight or angled walls.
  • One-hand operation and a stay open feature.
  • Matte bronze finish.
  • Easy installation which includes a template for mounting to the wall.
  • Adjusts from 38.3″ to 72″ wide.
  • 15″ extensions available to purchase to make it wider. Can add up to 6 extensions creating up to 162″ if needed.
  • 30″ high.
  • This gate does have a bottom rail below the gate, which could cause a tripping hazard.

You can read a full review of North States extra wide dog gate.

Cardinal Gates SS-30

  • Designed for top of stairway, but is great for all areas.
  • Mounts at angles up to 30 degrees.
  • Aluminum and lightweight.
  • Available in white, black and outdoor brown.
  • Adjustable size from 27″ – 42 1/2″ wide.
  • Available to be purchased separately, 10 1/2″ extension for openings 42 1/4″ – 53″ or an extension 21 3/4″ for openings 48 3/4″ – 64″
Best indoor dog gates

Cardinal Gates SS-30

Best Tension-Mount Dog Gate

Petgate Passage – North States

  • Heavy-duty steel gate.
  • Pressure mounts by using tension knobs to secure in place.
  • 21″ wide opening gate that swings in both directions.
  • Small door included 9.5″ x 8″. This is perfect if you have a cat that you want to be able to get in or out of the enclosure. You can leave door to swing freely, or you can lock the door.
  • Adjustable 29.75″ – 39″ wide.
  • 30″ high.
  • White.

This door comes with a warning. When removed from the package, it will not be square. It is manufactured at a preset angle, so when installed properly, it will maintain a correct amount of tension.

Best indoor dog gates

Petgate Passage – North States

Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate

  • Extremely quick to set up.
  • Adjustable gate between 28″ – 42″. Adjustments of 1/4″ increments to ensure a snug fit.
  • Uses tension bars. Lift tension bar for slack to get in the enclosure.
  • Rubber pads grip the wall.
  • Weighs just over 4 pounds, so it is easy to move around.
  • No built in door.
  • Only stands 2 feet tall, so this model is best for puppies or small dogs.
Best indoor dog gate

Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate

Gates For Stairways

Use caution if you decide to use gates at the top of stairs. Never use a freestanding gate or pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs. If a person or a dog leans on the gate, there is the chance of the gate letting loose and the person or dog falling down the stairs. The gate at the top of the stairs must be screwed into the wall. It will need to be securely fastened in at least 2 places.

A Quick Review

Using a dog gate is a great way to protect your dog from danger and a great way to protect your home from a dog or puppy that might otherwise get into trouble.

New gate styles have changed over the years. Not only are they functional, they can also be very stylish. Not only do they work for doorways, with the larger gates and freestanding gates, they even work in open homes.  This dog gate buying guide should you choose the style of gate that will work best for you.

I have provided you with a list of the best indoor dog gates for whichever style will work best for you. Before you purchase a gate, know what width and height will work best, so you aren’t disappointed after your purchase.

If your dog chews, stay away from the wooden gates. Tension gates and freestanding gates will have the easiest set up. A wall mount gate might be the most secure if your dog just doesn’t like boundaries and will attempt to escape.

You will have repair work on your walls with a wall mount gate once you decide to no longer use the gate.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  If you found this information helpful, you can follow me on Pinterest, FaceBook and Twitter.








  1. Marla,
    Great information on indoor dog gates. The idea of the gate with the cat door is something I had not seen before. I could keep the dog out of areas that the cat will not bother. Does any of the bigger gates come with a small door in them, I need a longer gate.

    • John, thanks for reading and I glad that you found some valuable information. I have not found the large gate that has a cat door available. I will do some more research, and if I find something, I will get you the information.

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