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Let’s face it, many dogs are spoiled and pampered and why not? They give us unconditional love, become members of our family and are a great companion to have with us during all of our activities.

Best dog stroller

Strollers for dogs can help dogs go places they couldn’t go before.

Many dogs are dressed up in cute outfits, why not provide our dog with strollers for dogs so they can go more places with us.

There are so many strollers for dogs available that it can get a bit confusing as to what is the best dog stroller and what you should look for in a dog stroller. I am going to provide you with best dog stroller reviews to help you pick out the best dog stroller for your needs. I will begin with my dog stroller reviews and than discuss why dog strollers are great and what to look for in a good dog stroller.

5 Best Dog Strollers For Dogs Of All Sizes

Product NameEditor's PickEditor's RatingPrice
Pet Gear No Zip NV Pet StrollerBest Overall4.6$$$$Amazon
HPZ Pet Rover Premium Dog StrollerRunner Up4.7$$$Amazon
DoggyRide Novel Dog StrollerBest Large Breed And Jogger4.8$$$$$Amazon
Vivo Three Wheel Pet StrollerBest Budget Stroller4.0$Amazon
Pet Gear No Zip Special EditionBest Mid-Point Stroller4.2$$Amazon

Pet Gear No Zip NV Pet Stroller

If you are looking for a dog stroller with high quality and aren’t as concerned with price, this is the stroller for you. It utilizes state of the art zipperless entry which gives you easy access to your dog without fumbling with zippers. Has easy one hand folding capabilities, making it an easy to use stroller.

Includes weather cover, optional divider for more than one dog traveling and 3 position canopy. Panoramic view window so your dog won’t miss any of the sites along the route, and they will be comfortable on a plush bolster pad to sit on and shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

Your dog will be riding on 12″ air ride tires which will help for a smoother ride and easy of pushing the stroller.

Additional features include storage underneath, front locking wheel, parent tray for keys and drinks, rear wheels have safety brakes, and an elevated paw rest so your dog can easily look out of the stroller. A tire pump is included.

This stroller has a weight limit up to 70 pounds with interior dimensions of 28″ x 12.5″ x 22″ high.

Available in 3 colors: Dalmatian, Rose, and Sky Line.

With over 750 customer reviews on Amazon rating this stroller 4.2 stars and 75% of the ratings are 5 stars, you will be getting a top of the line dog stroller.

There have been some complaints about the wheels, but following the manufacturers recommendations for maintenance of cleaning and lubricating the wheels with WD40 you should be able to avoid these issues.

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Dog Stroller

This is a heavy-duty dog stroller that provides zipperless entry, pump free rubber tires, one hand operation to fold and unfold in seconds with a premium suspension system.

Even though it is heavy-duty it has a lightweight frame made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy that gives it strength while keeping it lightweight.

This dog stroller comes with many upgrades and features. Reversible handlebar, pump free rubber tires, 360 degree rotating front wheels and rear braking system. A weatherproof breathable mesh top cover made of UV reflective material.

The stroller includes 2 pads for the compartment that are stain resistant and machine washable and allows you to convert the interior compartment for different sized dogs.

It offers a large volume under basket storage, 3 smaller accessory bags and a bottle holder. Two safety interior safety belts to accommodate 2 smaller dog riders.

Wheels are heavy-duty soft rubber coated plastic that are maintenance free. They also have a 3-year free wheel replacement at no charge. The only assembly required is attaching front and rear wheels, which just snap in.

Available in 3 colors: Red, Midnight Blue, and Blue.

Stroller fits up to 75 pound dog. The compartment size is 30″ x 18″.

Lifetime warranty for original owner and a 90-day free return for any reason. Made in U.S.A.

This stroller has over 400 reviews on Amazon rating it an average of 4.5 stars. 79% of owners rated this dog stroller 5 stars.

DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

This dog stroller is definitely pricey, but it offers a lot in a stroller. It is a leader as a dog bike trailer and stroller.

The DoggyRide is made of lightweight aluminum alloy frame, has stainless steel spokes and hubs and quick release wheels. It also includes a padded front headrest and additional front reflective striping. A large rear pouch and water bottle pocket.

It is a great stroller for a large dog since it offers lower rear clearance for easy access. You can also remove the wheels and use as a soft crate. Folds quickly and easily for storage. There is a rear airflow strip for air circulation and viewing into the cabin. Roof opens for your dog to sit comfortably.

Front wheel is an 8.5″ swivel wheel and rear wheels are 20″. This stroller also easily converts to a bike trailer with the purchase of an optional bike conversion set. There is a luxury pet mat that can be purchased as well.

Available in 2 colors: Urban Red/Black, and Outdoors Green/Gray.

The maximum dog size is 26″ shoulder height with a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

Amazon customers have rated this stroller 4.7 stars. Of that, 79% rated the DoggyRide 5 stars and no one rated this product below 3 stars. This is the luxury stroller, but it has great features for joggers, walkers, bikers and can even be used as a crate.

Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller

This is a budget dog stroller that is still a quality product for its price. It has been a very popular stroller because of the lower price.

The Vivo stroller uses zipper access points, which can be harder to work than the no zip closures. It comes with 3 zipper access points to get your dog in and out. It has mesh windows for seeing and ventilation and is a collapsible stroller that uses 2 latches.

It offers dual cup holders, center tray and spacious basket underneath. Includes a padded foam bottom and back brakes.

Available in 6 colors: Black, Camo, Green, Purple, Red, and Pink with White Polka Dots.

The strollers weight capacity is up to 30 pounds with interior dimensions of 19″ x 12″ x 19″ high.

With over 900 reviews on Amazon, this product has a rating of 4.1 stars.

Pet Gear No Zip Special Edition

The Pet Gear Special Edition is a great dog stroller at a more modest price. It is a 3 wheel stroller that has the zipperless entry for easy entry for your dog. Easy one hand fold down.

Front wheels swivel or can lock down for going over rough terrain. Front shock absorbers and back wheel brakes. It includes a removable machine washable liner and an interior tether to strap your dog in.

Water resistant material, panoramic view window and 3 position canopy with mesh ventilation. Cup holder, parent tray and storage basket. Elevated paw rest for your dog’s comfort when sitting and looking out.

Available in 4 colors: Chocolate, Gold Monogram, Purple and Sage.

Maximum weight up to 40 pounds with interior dimensions of 25.5″ x 12″ x 20.5″ high.

With over 550 reviews on Amazon, this stroller is rated 4.1 stars and 64% of the customers rated this stroller 5 stars.

The Value Of A Dog Stroller

A dog stroller can have great benefits for you and your dog. Not only are they great for smaller dogs, but larger dogs that need to avoid stress on their body due to joint pain, arthritis, an injury, a recent surgery, or if they have laryngeal paralysis your dog can benefit from being included in your outing and getting fresh air, when their body is no longer allowing them a big walking adventure.

Dog strollers are great for taking your dog along to the farmer’s market, a park or any area that could be crowded with people. It helps smaller dogs that can’t keep up because of their short legs, and protects them from getting stepped on in crowds that don’t see your smaller dog.

Strollers for dogs

A stroller works better for your dog in crowds.

Strollers work great for dog’s that behave badly on a leash in crowds, jogging but your dog no longer can keep up, protect your dog from unfriendly dogs they might encounter or from children running up and maybe giving your dog some unwanted attention.

A dog stroller will have less strain on your back than a pet carrier.

What Features Are Important With A Dog Stroller

Suspension System – If you plan on using your dog stroller for jogging or off-road hiking, it is necessary to make sure the dog stroller you are choosing has some type of suspension system or shock absorbers. It will provide your dog with a better ride and will be easier to push.

Tires – Same thing here. If using for jogging or off-road hiking, you will want large tires to make it easier to push. Lightweight plastic tires are fine for sidewalk walking, but will get stuck if you use your stroller off of sidewalks. Air ride tires also work best for jogging and long walks on rough terrain. They will give extra comfort for your dog’s ride and are effortless to push.

Water Resistant Or Waterproof – Weather can be unpredictable, so you might want to consider getting a stroller that is at least water resistant.

Enclosure – A complete enclosure is important to make sure your dog can’t escape. Even a well-behaved dog might see something that looks very interesting and be willing to jump out to go chase their interests.

No Zip – A no zip enclosure is much easier to use than zippers. If you have a smaller dog, you can hold your dog in one arm and open or close with ease with the other hand. Most quality dog strollers will be equipped with no zip closures.

Height Measurement – To make sure your dog can comfortably ride either laying or sitting, measure your dog’s height when they are sitting. You should add 4″ to their height to make sure they have enough room to be comfortable.

Size – If you have a younger dog that isn’t fully grown, make sure to purchase a dog stroller that fist your dog when they are an adult. Don’t waste your money on a stroller that will only fit your dog for the first year. Plan ahead and you will save some money by not purchasing a new stroller as they grow.

Check the sizes on the stroller against the measurements of your dog. Make sure your dog will have several inches all around them when he is in the stroller so he can be comfortable. Always check the weight restrictions on the stroller, so you are sure your dog is within the stroller limits.


Strollers for dogs can have many benefits for you and your dog. When you get the best dog stroller for the lifestyle that you and your dog lead, you are sure to be able to spend more quality time with your dog in situations that your dog couldn’t be included in before.

Dogs still need their walks and exercise, but many older dogs still love being outdoors, but they can’t enjoy the walks they once did. The dog stroller will allow them to get out, enjoy some fresh air and help prevent dog boredom when they aren’t getting enough mental challenges.

best dog stroller

This guy can’t walk as far as he used to, but he still likes getting outside and adventures

The best dog stroller reviews that I have provided you should provide you with a quality dog stroller at a price point that works for your situation.

Now get out there with your dog, enjoy the fresh air and spend some extra time together in situations where you couldn’t include your dog before.

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  1. Dogs are really nice to have as a pet in fact they seem to be the best.  If I get any of these strollers for my dog I can go out with my dog even if it’s raining. it’s really good to drop at sites and read what they have for us because I’ve never thought of getting my dog a stroller until I came across this post.

    • Lok, I am glad you found something new with my site that might work out for your dog.  I had always thought of strollers for fancy dogs, but I have come to realize that they really are quite practical for dogs with shorter legs that can’t keep up, or for older dogs that have health issues but still want to get out and about.  I hope at some point your dog is enjoying a ride in his new dog stroller.  

  2. Hello Marla. Still exploring your website. I really loved what I found here. My girlfriend has a chihuahua and she is planning on buying a special stroller just for her. She is little feisty so when going out, if not on leash, she has to be put on something like a stroller. 

    I was checking your recommendations and I think the perfect fit for her would be Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller. I can see that it is recommended for dogs her size so I think we will purchase this one.

    You are going on bookmarks.


    • Strahinja, thanks for returning to my site.  The Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller would be a great fit for a chihuahua.  Since it sounds like she has a bit of spunk in her, the stroller will allow her to be included where ever your girlfriend is going, but help keep her protected and safe from others along the way.  It seems that sometimes smaller dogs like showing others they aren’t as small as they appear, so a stroller will  really give her a lift up in the world.  

      I also know of people that simply toss a blanket over the top, and take their dog and stroller along into stores.  Just another added benefit of a dog stroller.  

  3. Hi MARLA,

    Thanks a lot for this article. I have never thought of a dog stroller but this article has opened my eyes to why I need to get one for my dog. Actually I have a smaller dog that can’t walk a longer distance because of the it shorter legs. 

    Sometimes, I feel like taking it along when going to a park  but because it can’t walk well, I feel like its a burden carrying it along. So, I think this article has provided the solution. I’m thinking of going for a stroller with air ride tires since that will make it easier for pushing and also make me walk faster. I like the zip-less stroller too.

    I’m considering getting one for my smaller dog very soon, when my budget fit the one I want to buy. 

    Once again thanks for sharing with us.


    • Stephen, thanks for reading my article.  Since your dog has a harder time going for walks because of his shorter legs, I think a dog stroller is a great option for them to be included in your activities and get some fresh air.  You might be surprised how much they will enjoy being able to see different things and it makes it much easier than having to carry your dog along.  I agree that the zip-less stroller is a better choice.  It is much easier to operate and you don’t run the risk of getting your dog’s fur in a zipper.  

      I hope your dog will be enjoy the wind in his face in his new wheels soon.  

  4. What an interesting article. 

    Very smart tip about looking for something that is waterproof. I’m not sure if that was something that I would think of right away when looking for a stroller.

    My first perception was that a stroller was for a little dog, I didn’t think about an older dog or a dog that can’t get around as efficiently as they used to. That is a great way to still give your dog the option of going outdoors but allowing them to not tire themselves out as quickly.

    I also didn’t realize the amount of different strollers that are available. Thank you for giving us options in all different price points.

    • Thanks for reading my article.  I also originally thought the dog strollers where for smaller dogs.  I have a Golden Retriever that is 11 years old that loves being outside, but because of health issues, is struggling with going for his daily walk.  That is what originally got me looking for a solution for him to still enjoy the outdoors and getting out and about.  I was so pleased to find the larger strollers for big dogs that were easy for them to get into.  It helps them feel like they are still enjoying life.  

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