Sportdog Field Trainer 425X Review-The Sportdog Field Trainer 425 Has Been Discontinued


The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X is the newest improved model. Although you are still able to purchase the Sportdog Field Trainer 425 from some locations, they have discontinued making that model.

Sportdog field trainer review

For hunting dogs or dogs that love the water, this training collar has you covered

This is a Sportdog Field Trainer 425X review, taking a look at the features and benefits of this model along with the pros and cons of this training collar. Is the Sportdog Field Trainer 425X really worth the price?

Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

If you are looking for a training collar for your dog for training purposes or for your hunting dog, the Sportdog Field Trainer 425X has many features and benefits to make it a great training collar. It works great for training in the yard or field, or hunting dogs that hunt close.

This trainer is designed to reinforce skills and commands you have already taught your dog. Your dog should be able to understand basic commands like “sit” and “stay” before you start training your dog with the training collar.

It is to be used as a training tool for safety when off leash, recall, control, getting attention, obedience, correcting bad behavior or ensuring commands are followed.



Included Contents

  • Remote transmitter
  • Collar receiver
  • Lanyard
  • Basic training manuel and DVD
  • Operating guide
  • Charging adapter
  • Test light
  • Free long probes
  • 2 lithium ion batteries
  • Split plug charger to allow charging the collar and transmitter at the same time

Features And Benefits

The new 425X model has upgraded to 21 levels of static stimulation instead 7 levels that the old 425 model had. This is beneficial having more options for stubborn or harder to train dogs. Getting exactly the level of stimulation that works best for your dog.

Good design on the remote control transmitter. Designed for ease of use and no look operation. The remote control transmitter is a compact design that is small and lightweight and hangs easily from the included lanyard.

Dry Tek Technology on both remote control transmitter and collar. This allows it to be a waterproof collar and handset that can be submerged in water depth of 25 feet.  Many hunting dogs are also swimmers, so a real benefit for hunting dogs.

Remote control transmitter is equipped with a nick button if you just need a subtle correction, tone only correction, vibration only correction and 21 selectable stimulation levels from low to medium levels of correction.

The collar has a receiver indicator light. It indicates when the collar is on or off and serves as a low battery indicator. It will also indicate when a continuous or momentary (nick) stimulation button is pressed. It also is equipped with an on and off button. The collar includes long probes to be used with dogs with long or thick fur.

Has rechargeable battery that has quick charge within 2 hours. Battery life is 50 – 70 hours before needing recharging.

This unit is expandable for up to 3 dogs using the same remote control transmitter for all 3 dogs. There are separate buttons, so you are only correcting the dog that requires correction. The remote transmitter button functions can be customized as well.

Sportdog field trainer 425X review

The Sportdog 425X is expandable up to 3 dogs.

Range is up to 500 yards. The range will vary depending on the terrain, weather, or vegetation. For best results, hold transmitter in a vertical position away from your body and above your head.

Collar is for dogs over 8 pounds and fits neck sizes 5″ – 22″.

Available in camouflage and black colors.

One year warranty from manufacturer’s defects from date of purchase for original owner only. You will need to provide proof of purchase for the warranty to be valid.

Pros And Cons Of Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

Expandable up to 3 dogsDoesn't work as well with lots of obstacles or obstructions
Waterproof handset & collarNo LCD display - can be hard to see what you are doing on transmitter in low light
Separate buttons with multi-dog expansion

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Proper Fit Of Training Collar

The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X includes 2 long probes to make sure the collar works properly for whatever breed of dog you have. If your dog has a long or thick coat you will need to be more aware of if the probes are in contact with your dog and not just getting lost in their fur. To ensure consistent contact, either trim the hair around the contact points or switch to the longer contact points that are included.

With your dog standing, center the collar receiver to where the contact points are underneath your dog’s neck, touching the skin. The collar should fit snugly, but loose enough for one finger to fit between the strap and your dog’s neck.

The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X Review

The 425X is approximately $20 more the older model 425. With this upgrade, the level of static stimulation has increased from 7 levels to 21 levels. They have also upgraded to a matte collar for the receiver.

With over 1300 people reviewing the Sportdog Trainer, it has received 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, with 71% rating it 5 stars, you know Sportdog is making a quality product with this many positive reviews. The 425X is too new for reviews from consumers, but the 425X model is basically the 425 with added levels of stimulation. It should operate the same and provide satisfaction.

It is reported that customer support is very helpful with any questions that might arise from proper use to training.  Most consumers are very happy that you can use one transmitter for controlling up to 3 dogs. You just need to purchase the additional collars for each dog.

Over 950 consumers have rated this product at 5 stars out of 5.  You can read all the 5 star reviews here to help you see what they are loving about the Sportdog 425X

A drawback to this product is the range of 500 yards. If you have a dog that hunts near you, or a dog that stays relatively close, this trainer works great. If you are going to be in a very large area with a dog that roams far, you might want to take a look at other great trainer collars here.

You can order your Sportdog 425X from Amazon.


The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X review should help provide you with what the training collar can do well, along with some of its drawbacks. Like I mentioned, Sportdog is no longer manufacturing the Sportdog Field Trainer 425. It is a discontinued model. It is still available at some locations, but for the extra $20, I feel it is best to go with the newest model 425X.  (Updated 3/5/19 – currently Amazon is offering the 425X for the same price as the old 425. )

sportdog 425x training collar

Training collars work best in open areas without obstructions

A review of the biggest strengths would be waterproof and expandable up to 3 dogs. The biggest drawback would be the distance of 500 yard range.

This collar is not to be used on aggressive dogs. Also, never attach a leash directly to the collar. If you will be using a leash as well, attach a regular collar on your dog that the leash can be attached to.

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  1. How can I tell if I have a 425 or 425X?

    I purchased this collar for my dog a few months ago (after loosing the controller for my old one). I have since gotten rid of everything but the controller, collar and charger.

    I got a 2nd dog today and need to know if I can expand, or if I need to purchase a new one for the 2 dogs.


    • Check how many levels of static control you have. If you have the 425, it will have 7 levels and the 425X will have 21 levels. That should be the easiest way to tell the difference.

  2. Can I add collar to field trainer 425 ?
    I realize tht F.t. 425 discontinued.

    Ex: Field Trainer 425 x

    Would a 425 x Field Trainer (work adding another collar to basic F.T. 425)

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