Best Snow Boots For Dogs-Dog Snow Boots Reviews


Getting the best snow boots for dogs is a great way to help protect your dog’s paws in the winter against the cold weather, icy roads and the toxic chemicals on the roads.

Dog Snow Boots Reviews

Don’t just protect their body, protect their paws too

The hardest part of snow boots is getting the right fit so they don’t fall off or so they don’t injure your dog’s paws. If you need additional information for sizing dog boots or why you need to protect your dogs paws in winter, you can look at the following article on snow boots for dogs. It will provide you with all the background information that you will need.

Finding good snow boots for your dog is much harder than you might first realize. I have researched over 20 different snow boots, and most of them I did not feel comfortable recommending. I felt that either they were going to get lost when your dog is out running around, or that they were going to cause some discomfort for your dog.

My dog snow boots review is only including 3 different snow boots that I feel completely comfortable recommending to any dog owner.

Muttluks Snow Mushers Review

These boots are going to be rugged enough to last, but comfortable for your dog’s paws. They are expensive, but when you compare purchasing new boots every few months because they rip apart compared to a set of boots that will last for years, the price becomes much less important.

Features of Muttluks Snow Mushers

  • Rugged winter boots with fleece inner lining for winter warmth.
  • Flexible rugged rubber soles with traction treads to help your dog to be stable on icy surfaces.
  • Extra large opening helps for being able to easily put them on our dog’s paws.
  • Available in 7 sizes. Helps make sure you get the right size for a proper fit.
  • Waterproof exterior fabric.
  • Machine washable.
  • Elastic soft-cinch fastening helping make sure the boots stay on your dog.
  • Reflective accents provide nighttime visibility for safety.
  • Available in Blue, Orange, and Purple for whatever style you like.
  • Unique double wrap fastening.
  • Great for when you have a longer durability requirement. They are going to last for years.
  • Made in Canada.
  • Sold in pairs. Beware when purchasing these that you are purchasing 2 boots, not 4. This is a great benefit for getting the best fit on all 4 paws. Many times the back paws of dogs are smaller than the front paws. That is why when fitting front paws, many times your dog is able to get his back boots off. They are too large for them.

Pros: The durability to last and the soft fleece lining make this product worth the price. Sold in sets of 2 helping get proper fit for front paws and back paws. Wide opening for easily putting boots on and the double wrap fastening. Great for winter warmth.

dog snow boots reviews

These guys need protection from ice balls stuck in their paws

Cons: The price. These are expensive, but they are made to last. Some reviews have reported having problems with dogs who still have their dew claw. It has been workable, but they had to add some cotton around the dew claw. These boots are not for summer use.

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes Review

These boots are priced quite a bit lower than the Muttluks, but I do feel that they are still a good quality product that will stay on your dog’s paws.

Features of My Busy Dog Boots

  • Rugged tough anti slip sole.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rugged sole with high quality fabrics that are sewn together, not glued like cheaper boots
  • Easy to put on. Boots expand with a wide split seam opening.
  • 2 adjustable and reflective fastening straps to ensure a tight and secure fit.
  • 8 sizes available, helping with proper fitting of boots.
  • Available in Orange, Black, Green and Red.
  • Lined with soft, smooth fabric.
  • Hand wash with dog shampoo.
  • Made in the United States.

Pros: Made for comfort. Work great indoors also for dogs that have problems on slippery floors. Affordable price.

Cons: Proper fit will be more difficult since sold in set of 4 and back paws aren’t always the same size as front paws.

Muttluks Original Fleece Lined Boots Review

This is another line of Muttluks that I feel is worth a look at. They are designed differently than the other 2 boots that I am reviewing, as they go much higher up your dog’s leg.

Features of Muttluks Original Fleece Boots

  • Manufactured with flexible soles to help make them more comfortable.
  • Fleece inner lining to keep paws warm.
  • Treated leather soles provide flexible fit.
  • Self-tightening straps provide a secure fit.
  • Reflective straps for nighttime visibility.
  • Comfortable stretchy and adjustable leg cuff.
  • Machine washable – retreat leather after wash.
  • Made of water and salt resistant leather.
  • Stitched with heavy-duty industrial nylon thread.
  • Larger sizes have a sturdy leather toe protector, smaller sizes have Cordura toe protectors.
  • Body of boot made of soft, heavyweight fleece to cushion the dog’s ankle from the Velcro strap
  • Self-tightening fastening system allows for uniform distribution of pressure around the ankle.
  • The stretchy leg cuff can be pulled up to protect longer legs or worn folded down.
  • Available in 8 sizes from itty bitty to XXL.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Red.
  • Sold as set of 4 boots.

Pros: These boots are made for comfort. With proper care of soles, they are going to last for a long time. Priced in the mid range.

Cons: I don’t have any to list.

Take Care With Snow Boots For Dogs

Your dog can’t tell you if the snow boots that you purchase for them aren’t fitting properly, so it is important that you take the time to make sure that your are properly fitting your dog. You don’t want your dog wearing his new boots for 30 minutes, and when he comes back from running around, he is only wearing 3 boots with the 4th nowhere to be found.

Dog snow boots reviews

Make sure your dog can’t shake their boots off.

You also don’t want your dog coming back from an afternoon of fun only to find that he has a sore on his paw. New boots take some time to break in just like new shoes do. Don’t take your dog out for a 3-mile walk the first time they put their new boots on. Give them time to break them in and have them wear them for short periods of time to start out with. This will help prevent your dog from getting sores.

If your dog still has his dew claw, you will need to take extra care making sure the boots aren’t bothering their dew claw. I was unable to find any boots that include dew claw fitting, but there are several listed where boots will affect dew claws. Many times you can help the situation by just adding a bit of cotton under their dew claw.


It is very hard to find the best snow boots for dogs. In most cases you are going to get what you pay for in terms of durability and comfort. If you are looking for $20 snow boots, those boots are going to be more cheaply made, and there is a good chance that they won’t make it through an entire winter season unless your dog isn’t wearing the snow boots very often.

dog snow boots reviews

If your dog likes spending time in the snow, get them snow boots to protect their paws

My dog snow boots reviews are more costly boots, but these boots should last for several years since they are made with more durable materials and they are going to be more comfortable for your dog.

Make sure you are properly measuring your dog’s paw according to how the manufacturer recommends you measure their paw. Different manufacturers will have different measurements. Don’t purchase boots from manufacturers that suggest sizes by breed size or weight. Neither of these are going to get you proper fitting boots.

Check your dog’s boots about 10 minutes into their walk to make sure they are still tightly fastened.  They can get loosened up after your dog starts running around.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Also, if you currently have snow boots that are great, please leave that message also, so I can pass it along to other dog owners having problems finding the best snow boots for their dog.

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  1. Great post and good info!

    It is getting winter so it is adviced to use snow boots for dogs, we already have boots but they are alsmot broken and we need new ones.

    The ones we bought only lasted for 1 winter, so we want better ones.

    These are expensive but seems to be worth the price.

    I think we will buy it, but I need the approve of my wife.

    Sammy will be so happy when he can wear them!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading Emmanuel and I am glad that you found this article at a time when it is needed for you.  I have to agree that the boots that I am recommending are a bit expensive, but it is very hard to find quality boots that are going to last that I feel comfortable that will work by staying on your dog’s feet and that will be comfortable for them to wear.  When you think about less expense boots that you have to replace in a few months or that only make it through one season, you can start to realize that higher priced boots that are going to work for several years really don’t end up costing you more than the cheap boots.  Hope Sammy enjoys his new boots.  

  2. Hi Marla,

    These snow boots for dogs are incredible! We got a lot of cold weather here and with winter coming, my dog could really use a pair of these. 

    I like the Muttlucks Snow Mushers, my dog would really love the comfort on his paws but be able to get good traction in the snow. 

    It also means that when he comes back into the house, his paws arent soaking the sofa

    Great read thank you

    • Thanks for reading my article Ronan.  There are so many benefits to snow boots for dogs like protecting their paws for chemicals on the roads, helping them not to slip and keeping their paws warm and protected from sharp ice.  It is easy to see why our dogs should wear snow boots, it is harder to finding good boots for our dogs.  Ones that will stay on and be comfortable.  I hope the boots that I recommend for you will work well for your dog, and please let me know what you think of them.  

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