Hands Free Dog Leash 2019 Review-Best Hand Free Dog Leash For Running And Walking


Having dogs that tug when walking or running can be a real struggle. And if you have 2 dogs that you are trying to walk or run with it can get even more challenging. That is why a hand free dog leash is the safest and easiest way to take your dog along on your adventures.

Best Hand Free Dog Leash

It is easier to walk a dog with hands free dog leash..The bungee helps with pulling

For years, I struggled to walk 2 dogs at once. They were pulling, going to different sides of the road and constantly getting tangled around each other.

Then there was the challenge of trying to walk 2 dogs and push a stroller. It was never easy. I have searched for the best way to solve this problem, and have come up with 5 of the best hand free dog leashes that will make taking your dog along more enjoyable.

Here is my hands free dog leash review. The chart below is a quick look at the hands free dog leashes with their best feature if you are short on time. Below the chart is a review of each of the leashes.

Hands Free Dog Leash 2019 Review

ProductBest FeatureDrawbackAvailable
Sparkly Pet Hands Free Dog Leash100% Satisfaction GuaranteeNot For Small DogsCheck Prices On Amazon Here
Pet Dreamland Hands Free Leash1 or 2 Dogs With 360 Degree Swivel SplitterNoneCheck Price On Amazon Here
MS KeKe Hands Free Dog LeashWaist Pouch & Poop Bag DispenserWaist Size Starts Bigger Than MostCheck Price On Amazon Here
Furry Buddy Hands Free Dog Leash3 Year Warranty
Up To 180 Pound Dog
NoneCheck Price On Amazon Here
Premium Hands Free Dog LeashFits Small, Medium and Large Dogs
Lifetime Warranty
NoneCheck Price On Amazon Here

Sparkly Pets Hands Free Dog Leash Review

This hands free leash is for medium and large dogs, but not a leash for small dogs. It is a professional leash which has a support mechanism that is designed with 2 stainless steel clasps that take the tension off the plastic buckle. It will divide the pulling force to both sides of the belt.

This leash is made to absorb shocks from your dog pulling, helping you to not break your stride. It has a strong but flexible bungee.

There is an easy grip control handle on the bungee which allows you to control your dog around traffic if necessary.

This leash can easily convert from a hand free dog leash to a traditional leash within seconds.

Adjustable waistband fits waist sizes from 28″ to 47″ and are made of weather resistant nylon. Waistband is held together with a plastic quick release buckle.

Leash is long enough to give your dog enough room to run by your side or in front of you. The bungee can be extended up to 68″. Works great for runners, hikers, moms with stroller and walkers.

Reflective stripes for extra visibility at night and comes with a storage bag to hold leash and waistband.

Available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Grey and Pink.

This hands free leash is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars with 84% of consumers rating it 5 stars.

Pet Dreamland Hands Free Leash Review

This hands free leash is the very best if you have 2 dogs you want to take along for a walk or run, but also works well for one dog as well. There are 2 choices when purchasing this leash for either 1 dog or 2 dogs. It is sized for medium to large dogs from 30 pound up to 150 pounds.

It will help prevent shoulder or wrist injuries and protects your dog from choking themselves or injuring their spine when they decide to unexpectantly chase after a rabbit or anything else.

It comes equipped with a heavy-duty extra long bungee lead. The leash extender extends from 43″ to 55″ and the dual dog leash tangle free extends an additional 16″ to 20″. This leash can be used as hands free or as a classic dual leash.

This is the perfect double leash promising no tangling. It has a 360 degree swivel splitter. Your dogs can easily switch sides and not get tangled. You can adjust the length using the extra metal ring that is included.

Easy to use. Attach the carabiners of the leash coupler to both your dog’s collars or harness. Use the leash extender to connect the leash splitter swivel to the waist belt.

Adjustable waist belt fits waist sizes between 27″ to 42″. There is a padded handle on each leash extender if you need better control over your dog when nearing traffic.

This leash comes several steps above most other leashes by providing reflective stitching on both sides of leash for better visibility, where most leashes only provide reflective stitching on one side. Professional carabiner, for better strength and metallic rings instead of plastic rings. Also, 4 times strong bungees, making them stronger than the average leashes.

Available in 4 colors: Black and Green, Black and Red, Dark Grey and Pink, and Khaki and Orange.

Works great for active mothers, athletes, runners or walkers.

Risk free 365 day warranty. You can receive 100% of your money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. They will either provide you with a replacement or full refund. Your choice, no questions asked.

This hands free leash is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars with 90% of the consumers who purchased it rating it 5 stars. This is a heavy-duty great leash that is going to last.

MS KeKe Hands Free Dog Leash Review

The MS KeKe leash is great for someone who is looking for a longer hands free leash. This one is the longest, stretching up to 90″. Allowing your dog the freedom to run ahead or walk with you. The leash length stretches from 60″ to 90″.

A great hands free leash for running, walking, talking on the phone or drinking your coffee on a stroll with your dog.

There are a couple of bonuses with this leash. It comes with a waist pouch with 3 pockets with room to store keys, phone, cash and snacks or treats for your dog. This leash also includes a poop bag dispenser that is attached and some free poop bags.

The waist belt fits waist sizes from 30.5″ to 45″.

Fits dogs up to 110 pounds and has reflective threading making you more visible at night.

Available in 2 colors:  Black and Pink.

This is a lower priced leash with fewer options available, but still a good working hands free leash.

It is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars with 86% of consumers rating this product 5 stars and no ratings lower than 4 stars. Consumers are happy with this product.

Furry Buddy Hands Free Dog Leash Review

This hands free leash is priced more in the mid range, offering more benefits than the prior leash. It is a great leash for the larger dogs, handling up to 180 pound dog.

It comes equipped with an adjustable buckle and strap design that fits waist sizes from 28″ to 48″. The pouch has an inner pocket for keys, cards and other small items. The main pocket and smaller pocket are both waterproof with zipper closures. There is also an elastic strap fixed water bottle holder for a 20 ounce bottle.

There are 2 heavy-duty D rings that connect to a heavy-duty bungee dog leash that has reflective stitching. The leash has a flexible extension from 39″ to 53.5″ allowing your dog some room to roam.

Available for 1 dog or 2 dogs.

Available in 3 colors: Black, Grey and Orange.

Rust-proof nickel hardware that will last longer.

3 year guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return the leash for a full refund.

This leash is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with 80% of the consumers rating this leash 5 stars.

Premium Hands Free Dog Leash Review

This is a bungee leash for walking or running that works great for small, medium and large sized dogs up to 150 pounds. This bungee system will absorb all the shocks from your dog tugging or lunging.

The waist belt is reflective and fits waist sizes from 26″ to 55″. The pouch has 2 expandable pouches and are large enough for storing a phone, keys and cards.

This leash is expandable for 2 dogs. You would just need to purchase an additional leash. It comes with 2 handles for control and a 360 degree metal clasp to prevent tangling of the dogs.

As a bonus, you will receive a free poop bag dispenser with a secure hook and a roll of smell free bags.

Available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Red.

Lifetime warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied, they guarantee they will replace or refund. Your choice.



There are many choices when it comes to picking the best hand free dog leash for you. You will want to make sure that the leash you are choosing can support the weight of your dog. If you have two dogs, you will want to make sure you purchase a hand free leash that can support two dogs and that it has some type of 360 degree swivel splitter to make sure your dogs aren’t getting tangled up with each other.

Hands Free Dog Leash Review

It is easier to run with a dog when you have a hands free dog leash

Some of the hands free leashes come with just a waist strap while others will provide some type of pouch for storage for your phone, keys, water bottle or other small items you might need to carry along.

If you are a smaller person, you will want to look for how small the waist strap will adjust to, or you are going to have to do some modifications to make it fit you.

The better hands free leashes are going to come with some type of warranty. They know they are offering a good product and they are willing to stand behind their product.

Walking, running or pushing a stroller are all made easier having a hand free leash. There are also benefits to you as the leash handler by not getting jerked around if your dog suddenly takes off after a rabbit. All of the leashes that I have reviewed have a bungee system, which will help against getting jarred and are better for your dog as well.

My hands free dog leash review has taken into consideration the items that most should consider important from picking the right leash for how you are going to use the leash and for different sized dogs and for families that have 2 dogs. Order the leash that works for you today, and enjoy a more leisurely walk or enjoyable run within days.

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