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If you are having problems controlling your dog, you should consider using a shock collar. Wondering do shock collars work for dogs, the answer is YES! I have not always been a believer in shock collars, but I got a very spirited Golden Retriever that was close to breaking me, and I needed to try something else with him.Do Shock Collars Work

I have not previously believed in shock collars, but I finally was at my wits end with my current dog, and needed help to control him. Let me explain the problems I was having that led me to a shock collar, how I trained him with the shock collar, the results I received from the shock collar and I will give you some recommendations for finding the shock collar that would be best for you.

Why My Dog Needed A Shock Collar

First, let me give you some background on my previous thoughts on shock collars. My first Golden Retriever was a sweet as could be, and I would have never considered using a shock collar on him.

The next two Golden Retrievers had been litter-mates, and even though they were a handful, I was unable to use shock collars on them. I did purchase shock collars, but every time I attempted training them, it would break my heart feeling that I was hurting them, so I boxed them up never to be used.

The fourth Golden Retriever I got was more crazy than all the rest, and I was considering giving him away. I had done more professional and home training with him than all of my previous dogs combined, and still he was so spirited, that I still couldn’t control him. I live on many acres, and I wanted to be able to walk all over the property with him loose, but I needed to keep him safe.

Here are some of the problems I was having before I started using a shock collar.

  • Not coming when called (even though he understood what he was supposed to do)
  • Jumping on me or anyone else walking him
  • Crossing the street to the neighbors (even stole one of their chickens and brought it home)
  • Wandering too far away
  • Rolling on dead animals
  • Just completely ignoring me when asked to do something
  • Stealing things and running away as fast as he could

If you are having any of these problems with your dog, you might want to consider getting them a shock collar.

I have to say, that my dog is probably the smartest dog I have ever had, but he was too stubborn for his own good. He wasn’t doing these things because he didn’t understand, he was doing them because he thought he was in charge of us.

How To Train Your Dog With A Shock Collar To Make it Work

You might think that it is difficult and time-consuming to train a dog with a shock collar, but it is actually very simple. The main thing that you should remember is to be consistent on how you use the shock collar. Also, a shock collar isn’t to be used for punishment, it is used to get your dog’s attention, like tapping them on the shoulder.Shock Collar and Controller

When you start training your dog, make sure it isn’t a time that you are stressed out. It should be a time that you are feeling calm. This will help you feel less frustrated with the training. It should be fun for both of you.

Preparations For Training

  • Make sure the collar and controller are fully charged.
  • Properly fit the collar on your dog. It should be snug, but you should be able to fit 2 fingers under the collar.
  • Figure out the proper setting for the controller. Again, remember you are just trying to get your dog’s attention, not give them a heart attack. Test the best setting starting at the lowest level and increase if necessary. Your dog shouldn’t jump, but rather you should see them perk their ears and give you a look.

Start Your Training – Outdoors If Possible

  • Take you dog out in the yard on a real long leash if possible.
  • Bring along a ball or toy that is important to your dog.
  • Toss their toy a short distance and let them play with their toy.
  • Tell your dog to come and then give them the tone first and next a short push of the stimulation button. Tell them to come again, and repeat the tone and nick if they aren’t responding.
  • Make sure to give your dog a reward and plenty of praise when they come to you.
  • Repeat the entire process, starting with tossing of the toy at least 5 times in a row. That is enough for the first day.

Depending on how your dog is responding, you should repeat this process for the next several days.

By the third time that I repeated this process on the first day, my dog was coming to the tone only and didn’t need the stimulation, but all dogs will progress at different speeds.

The Results From Using A Shock Collar

My results of using a shock collar were pretty much immediate, but don’t get frustrated if it takes your dog a few days to understand what you are expecting of them. Just remember to stay consistent in how you use the collar to get the best results and always offer plenty of praise and rewards when your dog gets it right.

This is the Sport Dog Collar I use for my dog.

I currently always have my dog wear his shock collar when I take him on hikes on my property, but I rarely ever have to use it. When I call “come”, he usually comes. If he doesn’t immediately come, I next will yell “come” and give him just the tone sound. That will get him to respond about 99% of the time.

My last step is “come” the tone and then a quick nick of stimulation on the lowest setting, and I get a response every time.

I always carry small treats in my pocket on my walks. If my dog comes for either just come or come with the tone, he will get a treat when he gets to me. If it takes me giving him a nick of stimulation to come, he doesn’t get a treat from me, but I would suggest whatever method works best for you.

My dog doesn’t always wear his collar when we are out in the yard doing stuff, but his overall behavior has greatly improved since he was trained using a shock collar.

I no longer worry about him going to the neighbors, he stays close, no longer jumps on me and just generally listens better in all areas even when he isn’t wearing his shock collar, and he is only 2 years old.

Recommendations For Finding The Right Shock Collar

There are many different shock collars for you to purchase in many price ranges. Here are a few items that you should look for when choosing the right shock collar for your dog.

  • Adjustable levels of stimulation. You probably don’t need to spend the additional money for a collar that has 25 levels, but I would look for one that has at least 8-10 different levels.
  • Tone only or vibrate only. Most times I only need to use the tone function, and rarely have to give a nick of stimulation. Remember, you are just trying to get their attention to listen to you, not punish them.
  • Waterproof/Non-waterproof – If you have a dog that likes to swim, make sure you get a waterproof collar. If your dog hates water, don’t waste your money on a waterproof collar.
  • Distance – This is a really important choice. Make sure you get a collar that goes the range that your dog could travel from you. It is better to spend the money on a longer distance than shorter. The range can be affected by hills and woods, so it is better to get a longer distance. (I currently have one that has a 1/2 mile range.)

There can be a large range of prices for shock collars. It is important to choose one you can afford, but I would focus strongly on the distance or range, if it needs to be waterproof and that there is also a tone only function. Save your money on many levels of stimulation. I have never gone more than level 3, and that was because he was chasing a deer.

You can check out some of the following links to learn more about different shock collars:

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Recommended Shock Collars

Slopehill Dog Training Collar – This collar is very affordable.  It has a 1/2 mile range, is waterproof and offers tone, vibration and shock.  Fits small, medium and large dogs.  It does have 99 levels, which I think is a bit excessive, but a good price for what it offers.








Petspy P620 Training Collar The collar fits dogs from 10 pounds to 140 pounds.  It has a range of .37 miles and is waterproof.  There are 16 levels of stimulation and has tone, vibration and shock.  Distance is a bit short, but a good collar for many dogs.








Sportdog Training Collar  I have found this to be a great collar and the one that I use.  There are several available collars with a large range of pricing.  All of the X-series collars are the same, with the exception of the range.  The further the range, the higher the price.  They are waterproof, come with 21 levels of stimulus and have tone, vibration and shock available.



Shock collars do work. They will help you be even a better friend with your dog, reduce your frustration, keep your dog safe and make his free time more fun.

I have always had a problem with using shock collars before my current dog, but I was having too many problems to not at least give it a try. My biggest problem was him not coming when I had him off lease and running over to the neighbors house.

I was spending more time being angry and frustrated than I was enjoying our time together. The shock collar changed all of that for me.

If you have concerns about what the shock feels like, you can try it on yourself. I did try it, and I didn’t enjoy it, but it felt like me hitting my funny bone, which goes away in seconds.

After training my dog with the shock collar, I rarely ever actually give him a shock. He either comes immediately, or if he is being a bit stubborn, just giving him the tone sound is enough to get him to start running to me.

A shock collar helps keep your dog safe, and makes it more fun for him to enjoy freedom. I didn’t ever think I would say this, but I do highly recommend using a shock collar for any dog that has problems doing what you need them to do.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you. You can follow justforyourdog.com on Pinterest and Facebook for all the latest updates. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you.

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