Does My Dog Need A Dog Bed


Have you wondered if does my dog need a dog bed? If you are searching for this information, you probably already know the answer is yes, but let me share with you some reasons why it is a good idea to get your dog a dog bed. There are several benefits for a dog bed for you dog and for you as well.Does My Dog Need A Dog Bed

Why Does My Dog Need A Dog Bed – Benefits For Your Dog

  • Dogs on average, sleep 12 – 18 hours per day, depending on their age. We all know how wonderful it can feel to crawl into our bed at night when we are tired. Your dog should also have a comfortable place to lay, especially since they spend so many hours sleeping each day.
  • A dog bed can provide better health for your dog. Hard or uneven surfaces can be very uncomfortable, causing your dog to have erratic sleep, which can leave them feeling irritable. Quality sleep is essential for a healthy dog.
  • A dog bed is better for your dog’s joints. Although it is especially helpful for senior dogs and dogs that are overweight, it is beneficial for dogs of all ages by reducing the pain on their joints, helping younger dogs not to develop as much pain in later years of their life.
  • Provides a place of security. Dogs can be very territorial, and having a place that is just for them helps them feel more secure and rest more soundly.
  • A dog bed can help your dog remain at a more comfortable temperature, providing better sleep. Floors can get cold and drafty, especially in the winter months. If you have a dog that is always warm, you might want to look into a cooling dog bed. (I got one for my dog, and he loves it, and it helps him from getting too warm. It also helps keep him off the hard tile floor for sleeping.) Looking for a cooling bed, than read the Sealy Orthopedic Dog Bed Review. This is the bed I purchased for my dog.

Benefits For You When Your Dog Has A Dog Bed

  • More room in your bed. There has been plenty of nights where I have had my knees up to my chin, since there isn’t enough room in my bed, even though I have a king-sized bed. (I am one of those people who won’t make my dog move over.) You will also be able to pull up your covers, since your dog won’t have them all pinned under him. If you have ever let you dog sleep with you, you probably have experienced both of these.
  • Help preserve your furniture. It seems that most dogs don’t just lay down. Before they can get comfortable, they need to do several circles, do some kneading, or burrow down into the furniture. Besides them thinking your couch is a gym mat, they also leave large amounts of dog hair all over your furniture, that no amount of vacuuming will ever remove it all.
  • Then there is the doggy odor that they leave behind. I am sure since you love your dog, you have learned to love that doggy odor your dog has. It is just a part of them, but when you have guests over, they might not find that smell as adorable as you do.

What Type Of Dog Bed Is Best

One of the most important factors for choosing the right dog bed for your dog is the size, but there are many other things to consider as well.Does My Dog Need A Dog Bed

Make sure that your dog bed is big enough for the way your dog likes to sleep. Some dogs like to curl up in a round circle, others like to be completely stretched out.

Look at the measurements closely and measure your dog to make sure their dog bed will be large enough for them. They won’t use it if it is too small.

Some dogs like to have support around their back, or under their chin when they sleep. There are many dog beds available that have bolsters around them to help your dog feel more snuggled in, or have support where they might want it.

One of the best dog beds I have found for dogs that like back support or chin support is the Barksbar Orthopedic dog bed. This bed works great for dogs that like to snuggle in, and provides good orthopedic support for their joints and muscles.

Everyone has a different budget of what they can afford. Just a word of caution. The cheap dog beds will not wear well, provide the support that your dog might need, and will have to be replaced frequently.

I know from experience, the dog beds just made with foam egg crate don’t last long. At one point, I had 3 of them stacked up for my Golden, just to provide some cushion for him.

Spending a bit more from the start, should help you find a dog bed that will last most of your dog’s life. Only time you should have to purchase another one, is if you want one in another room.

I would recommend looking for an orthopedic dog bed. They are more expensive, but they will provide the best support for your dog and last the longest. Take a look what the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds are.

Many of the higher quality dog beds will offer warranties against flatting or sagging of the dog bed and the warranties can last from 7 to 10 years. This is why shouldn’t need to replace your dog bed.

Dog Bed Checklist

Here are some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing your dog bed.

  • Purchase the right size for your dog.
  • Make sure it is machine washable. Dogs can have accidents, and you want to be able to easily wash the covering.
  • You might want to make sure it is waterproof if you have any older dog that has accidents. If you find a dog bed your really like and it isn’t waterproof, you can add a plastic liner yourself under the cover.
  • Purchase a dog bed with orthopedic support. They will usually come with a warranty, they will support your dog better, and they will last longer.


Your dog does need a dog bed. They will be happier and healthier, and you will be happier when they have a place of their own. With as much as a dog sleeps during the day, they should have somewhere comfortable that will provide them with the quality of sleep that they need.

Providing your dog with a dog bed can really help prevent or reduce the amount of pain they have on their joints. As a dog owner, don’t you want to do everything you can to give your dog a good and pain free life?

I have listed below some dog bed reviews to help you choose the best dog bed for your needs.

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