GPS Tracking Dog Tag-GPS Dog Tag The Smart Way To Track Your Dog


Let’s face it, even a dog that is closely monitored or well-trained, sometimes wonders away on us. Having a missing dog is stressful and scary.

There are options to help you recover your lost dog. You can have your dog microchipped, but only a vet clinic or an animal shelter has the equipment to read the microchip implanted in your dog, and sometimes it can take days to recovery your dog.

GPS Tracking Dog Tag

Don’t let your friend get lost. Get a GPS Dog Tag to help find him.

You can purchase a GPS Tracking Collar for your dog, but not everyone can afford a GPS Tracking collar, and most will require an activation fee, along with monthly or yearly charges that you might incur for the system to be monitored.

A GPS Tracking Collar will help you know exactly where your dog is, but you might not be able to afford the costs involved with this type of system.

A great choice to help keep your dog safe is a GPS Tracking Dog Tag. A GPS Dog Tag is an affordable and smart way to track your dog if they go missing.

PawPrints ID QR Smart GPS Collar Rescue And Recovery ID Dog Tag

This is a dog tag that offers a low cost solution by combining the internet and smart phones to help you recovery your lost dog.

Anyone who finds your dog that has a smartphone, will be able to scan your dog’s tag to find out who your dog is and where he belongs.

Whoever finds your dog can simply scan the QR code with any smartphone or they can call a toll-free number on the tag 24 hours per day to report the dog they have found. Each tag will have its unique number that will identify your dog.

GPS Tracking Dog Tag

When someone scans your dog’s tags, you will be able to see your dog’s exact location.

When someone scans your dog’s tag with a smartphone, they will get your dog’s information and at the same time you will get a text message and email telling you that your dog’s tag has been scanned.

If the person doing the scanning has a GPS enabled smartphone, you will get a Google Map showing you your dog’s exact location.

Your Dog’s Own Web Page

When you first purchase your GPS dog tag, you will want to activate the tag and then get your dog’s profile set up.

You can store your dog’s name, breed, owner’s contact information along with your veterinarian’s information. You can also store your dog’s medical records digitally along with x-rays right on your dog’s tag. In an emergency situation, this can be critical to have all of your dog’s medical information. You can include any special medications your dog might require as well.

You can also include a photo of your dog, or any other information that you consider important for your dog’s well-being.

What’s Included With PawPrints ID Dog Tags

You will receive unlimited reminder alerts for your dog, and it works anywhere in the world. You are never restricted to only the country you live in, so when you are traveling, you can have peace of mind that you still have your dog protected.

If you have multiple dogs, each dog will require their own GPS dog tag, but you can set up one account for multiple dogs.

GPS Dog Tag

You will be able to use the GPS Dog Tag anywhere in the world.

There or no hidden activation fees. No monthly or yearly subscriptions, and no upgrade charges for this product. The only cost you will incur is the cost of purchasing the GPS dog tag, and they are very reasonably priced.

Your purchase will include a complete Recovery ID Dog Tag System and instructions for activation and setting up a custom web page for your dog. You can also watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up your account.

Why You Need A GPS Tracking Dog Tag

Unfortunately, at times, our dog can get away from us. They may see something that looks interesting, and before they know it, they are far from home and not sure how to get back. They may have gotten frightened by fireworks or a bad storm and simply starting running, or they may be out looking for a mate.

Whatever the reason is, each year, many dogs go missing. According to an ASPCA report, every year in the United States alone, between 5 million and 7 million pets enter animal shelters and of those, 3 million to 4 million are euthanized because their owners couldn’t be located.

Don’t let your dog be one of the dogs that end up in a shelter. Act now by purchasing a PawPrints Smart GPS Collar today.


Keeping our pets safe is the most important job a pet owner has. Not everyone believes in getting their dog microchipped and you can’t find your dog until someone with microchip equipment reads the microchip.

Not everyone can afford a GPS Tracking System with the high initial expense along with activation fees and monthly charges to use the system.

A GPS Tracking Dog Tag is an affordable solution for all pet owners to help protect their dogs if they go missing. A GPS dog tag will notify you immediately when someone scans your dog’s tag and if the person that located your dog doesn’t know how to scan the tag, there is a toll free number for them to call that will immediately get you back together with your dog.

The GPS dog tag is an affordable easy assistant that will help you quickly get your dog home where he belongs.

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  1. Hello Marla and thank you for this informative and thorough article. I really apppreaciate it. My dog used to run away in the past very often, but we always managed to get him back. That is why we reinforced our backyard doors and fences, so he never mangaged to escape again.

    I never taught of purchasing GPS tracking device. And after reading your article, I might purchase it. It is definitely safer to buy it then having to go through all this trouble and work in my backyard. Even if he gets lost, it is easily trackable via GPS and application.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    • Strahinja, thanks for reading my article and I’m glad you found some value with it.  I currently have an escape artist from his fenced area also, and I have just ordered the GPS dog tag to help give me the comfort that if he does get out, I will have an easier time locating where he is.  I would rather keep him safe in the yard, but if he does get out, I want to make sure that I can quickly get him back.  The last thing as a pet owner we want is for our dog to get lost.  

      Hope your reinforced fence keeps doing its job for your dog. 

  2. Hi Marla,
    ​I love the whole GPS concept and the added bonus of having a website just for my dog. I had a large bull-staffie called Boof. He loved to take off from me when we walked, I had to try find which house he was hiding in. He loved hide and seek, unfortunately he also hated cats and the minute he saw one he would shoot off. Sadly, I no longer have my lovely Boof, but I definitely would buy this product if I ever adopted another pal again.

    • I am sorry you no longer have Boof. It is hard when we lose our dear friends. I am glad that you were always able find him when he decided to stroll around the neighborhood. If you get to a point that you decide to get another dog, this just might be the added aid you need to help find your dog. I hope you decide at some point to get another dog, because they can bring such great joy.

  3. Great information. I had a cocker spaniel (Sadie) who figured out how to open the gate to the back yard. I come home from work one day and she is gone. I was sick. Lucky for me someone posted her picture on Nextdoor, which a friend of mine suggested I check out. Sure enough, she was there. Whew! But that was just because someone took the time and effort to post her picture on their website. This seems like a much better idea. I’ll definitely look into this for my miniature schnauzer, Miss T.  Thanks

    • Well I hope that Miss T stops stressing you out by escaping her yard.  That is why the GPS Dog Tag is a great solution.  The cost is low so it can be a backup plan for a dog that is supposed to be contained, but has now somehow escaped.  I would consider your situation where your dog shouldn’t be getting free, except when they get too tricky.  You aren’t spending much for a backup plan of protection.  

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