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Do you hate giving your dog a bath? The Bissell Bark Bath portable dog wash can help you take the pain out of washing your dog.  It will allow you to give your dog a bath anywhere.  Take a look at the Bissell Bark Bath Review to see how life can get easier.

No longer will you have to lift your dog in the tub or crawl into the shower with them, or pull out the garden hose and hope your dog doesn’t sprint away from you before you are even able to get them wet.

Bissell Bark Bath

Find an easier way to give your dog a bath.

Have you tried using the kiddie pool for your dog’s bath? This doesn’t work in cold weather, and unless you can get your dog to lie down, it can be a bit of a challenge.

A lot of dogs aren’t big fans of getting a bath but they have no problem getting into the mud or dirt and giving you no other choice but to give them a bath.

This Bissell Bark Bath review will discuss the features and why it is so easy to use.

Why The Bissell Bark Bath Is A Great Option

Lifting a dog that weighs over 60 pounds into the bath tub is hard to do, and it isn’t very safe for your dog or yourself if they start to struggle. Either or both of you could fall.

Since my dogs have always weighed over 80 pounds, I have taken the route of bathing my dogs in the shower. That Portable dog washmeans I have to crawl in with them, and end up being just as wet as they are.

Then there is the lovely shakes that your dog will do, shaking water everywhere, usually when they are standing right next to you. Soaking you and your walls and floor.

The Bissell Bark Bath is portable, and can be used in any room of your house. The all in one unit uses up to 50 times less water than using your bath tub.  That means when they decide to shake, there will be less water flying around your home.

The portable bath uses 48 ounces of water to clean up to an 80 pound dog. This is compared to approximately 19 gallons used in a bath tub, and even more in a shower.

The smaller amount of water that is used, will help your dog dry quicker, and eliminate the need for the shaking rain shower that your dog provides after baths and showers. It also saves you money by not using as much water.

How The Bissell Bark Bath Works

The Bissell actually vacuums your dog. When we are bathing our dogs, we are bathing from the top of their fur down to their skin. This is why it requires the use of so much water. We have to completely soak the fur before we can get enough lather to clean our dogs.

This portable bath has a specially designed nozzle that gets beneath the fur to your dog’s skin. This allows the water and shampoo to wash the skin clean.

At the same time, a soft suction pulls dirt and water away and stores in a separate dirty water tank. It works similar to a carpet cleaner. You spray the water and shampoo with motions like brushing your dog, making sure that you keep the nozzle flat on your dog to avoid leaking. You then release the button for spraying water and shampoo, and the soft suction will remove the excessive water.

The portable bath is so easy to work that it can be used in any room of your home.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use.

Tips For Using The Bark Bath

Dogs that have a thick coat, might take 2 tanks of water to do a complete job. Short and medium length coats will likely only use 1 tank to get the job done.

The sound of the Bark Bath is about the same as an average vacuum cleaner. If your dog hates the sound of theBissell Bark Bath vacuum cleaner, this probably isn’t for them. Training is provided with the system to get your dog acclimated to the vacuum. Slow training with rewards will be helpful for your dog to be less afraid.

Works great for dogs afraid of water or baths and dogs with reduced mobility.

Bissell Bark Bath Generation 1

This portable bathing system allows you to bathe your dog almost anywhere with no mess. It works on short and long fur. The no-rinse shampoo formula leaves your dog’s coat feeling clean and fresh.

It is so convenient you can even take it along on vacation or camping.  All you need is an outlet and some water and you are in business.

What is included: Portable bath unit, bath tool with storage bag, microfiber sound dampening mat, face and paw microfiber cleaning cloth.

Training steps are provided in the user guide to acclimate noise sensitive and anxious dogs.

The warranty is a 1-year limited warranty. If within 1 year from the date of purchase you have any issues, Bissell will repair or replace free of charge any defective or malfunctioning part.

Includes a 16 ounce bottle of light mulberry scent shampoo. You need to use only their shampoo so your machine doesn’t get clogged. You can purchase additional shampoo at the time of your Bark Bath purchase. They have Clean & Fresh, Free & Clear for fragrance free, and Odor & Skunk available.

There is no heater on the system, so it won’t heat the water. You will need to fill the unit with warm water. Test the water temperature before squirting on your dog to make sure it isn’t too cold or too hot.

The unit has a 15′ power cord and 4′ hose on the machine plus the nozzle giving it an overall length of 6.9 feet.

There are over 250 reviews from customers that all rate this product 5 stars out of 5.  You can read the 5 star reviews here.

Bissell Bark Bath QT – 2nd Generation

Bissell has introduced a 2nd Generation Bark Bath as well. It has a quieter motor and wire reinforced hose to help dampen the sound. That is the only difference between the 2 systems.

The price is quite a bit higher for this unit compared to the Generation 1 unit. If you have a dog that doesn’t have a problem with the sound of your vacuum cleaner, I don’t know that I would spend the extra money for this unit.  Read all the 5 star reviews of customers to help you see why they are loving this dog bath.  It might help make your decision easier.  The reviews for the the 2nd Generation are better than the Generation 1 reviews.  (Maybe that extra $22 is worth it to you.)


If you have a dog that hates baths and you hate giving them, I think the Bissell Bark Bath portable dog wash is an absolutely great invention. A way to wash your dog quickly, anywhere and with no mess. The amount you will save sending your dog to the groomers will quickly pay for the cost of the portable bath.

It is a great way to spend some quality time with your buddy in a calmer situation than being in the bath tub or

Bissell Bark Bath

If you have the Bissell Bark Bath you will no longer need to bathe your dog like this.

shower. Your dog will dry quicker, since they won’t be as wet as from a full bath. This is also healthy for your dog. You are keeping their ears dry, with helps prevent against ear infections and prolonged wet fur and skin can have the potential of creating hot spots on your dog.

This Bissell Bark Bath Review should show you why this is easier for bathing your dog than lifting your dog in a tub or taking a shower with your dog, and my favorite feature is that it is portable and can be used anywhere.

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  1. Bissell bark bath, such a suitable equipment to use it for our dogs. I don’t have a dog but I have a friend who has a dog which we usually call her Princess. I think this is a great stuff that I can inform him about. I like the way you’ve constructively and clearly laid out your article that is very clear to the reader. If I have a dog in the future I will surely remember your article. Great topic and relevant article!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your comment.  With a dog that you call Princess, I would think this would be perfect for her.  Sounds like she likes to be clean and look good.  The Bark Bath is so easy to use and can give any dog a quick clean up.  

  2. This is ingenious.  Why havent I ever heard of this before.  My dogs as well have been over 80 pounds and bathing is such a chore.  

    Summer time isnt bad because the garden hose works great and they can shake all they want.

    However winter baths arent quite so easy.  I am going to take a closer look at this and see what I decide on.  Thank you for a great review,

    PS:  Would be great for winter to also avoid colds in our pups.  Ya this seems great.

    • Thanks for reading Dale.  I am glad that my information was valuable for you.  I also have a large dog and the only way I can give him a bath is crawling in the shower with him.  That is until now.  I think this is a great invention and very helpful for larger dogs or bathing them in the winter.  

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