Types Of Dog Carriers For Small Dogs


Smaller dogs like to go places with us just like a larger dog do. The problem is, their legs are often times too short to keep up with us Carrying your dog in a carrieron hikes or long walks. They can’t run alongside your bike or possibly keep up when we are jogging. And if you are taking your dog along in large crowds, they can get stepped on or knocked around.

The good news, they are often small enough that we can carry them and they don’t get too heavy. It is much more convenient to still have your hands and arms free, so you need to put your small dog in a dog carrier.

Until looking into this subject, I never knew just how many options there are of dog carriers for small dogs. (My last 4 dogs have always weighed over 85 pounds. No chance of me strapping them on my back or over my shoulder.) But, there are options for whatever style fits your lifestyle or activity you are going on.

I am going to go through the different styles or types of dog carriers for small dogs that are the most popular. You might just find a new style here that could work for you and your small furry friend.

This article is to give you the knowledge of what styles are available for your small dog. At a later time I will provide you with a review of what I think are the best dog carriers for small dogs in each of the categories.Dog that fits in dog carriers

Dog Carrier Backpack

This is a great option if you are taking your small friend for a hike or a bike ride and you can even use many of them for air travel.

Size Requirements: Measure your dog. Weight, chest circumference, length (not including the tail), and shoulder height. Check your sizes against the backpack you are looking at purchasing to make sure your dog will fit.

Make sure the backpack has padded shoulder straps, a waist strap and a chest strap. This will make it easier for you to carrier your dog for longer periods of time and still be comfortable.

Look for plenty of mess windows for your dog to get a great view and also to help with ventilation and air flow for your dog.

You are going to also want to look for a backpack that is machine washable.

Here is one example of a dog carrier backpack. There are many styles and sizes to choose from through. Look for one that fits you the best.

Backpack dog carrier

Dog Carrier Purse

The dog carrier purse can come in styles as casual as a beach tote to something much more elegant with imitation leather trim or soft suede exteriors.

They are best suited for teacup breeds and extremely small dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds. There are a few that can go from 10-15 pounds, but remember, you are going to be carrying this over your shoulder or arm, and that can get heavy over an extended period of time.

Make sure to take your dog’s measurements, so you know it will fit in the purse that you are looking at.

You will want your purse carrier to be durable and sturdy, but still lightweight. Some of these will be machine washable, depending on how basic the style is, but fancier purses will not be machine washable.

Look for large side pockets to carry a lease, treats or whatever else your dog will need.

You will want ventilation panels to get enough air flow to your dog if they don’t have their head hanging out of the bag.

Some carrier purses will qualify as airline approved, so if that is something you might need, check the features available before purchasing your dog carrier purse.

Here is an example of a carrier purse. Again, there are many options available through Amazon.

Dog carrier purse

Dog Rolling Carriers

Generally, these are purchased most often for airline travel. When traveling, it is much easier to maneuver a rolling carrier than to have more items to carry.

Before purchasing, make sure to check with your airline for their requirements. The requirements will vary airline to airline on what the size requirements are for carry-on. If you need additional information around traveling with your dog, you can find it here.

Check the sizes available with the size of your dog after you take actual measurements.

Make sure there is plenty of ventilation for good air flow, and extra pockets for dog accessories.

I do suggest getting a carrier that has an interior clasp to hook your dog. Your dog might get nervous with everything that is going on around them, and when you open your bag, you don’t want your dog being able to escape.

Here is an example of a dog rolling carrier, but there are many you can choose from.

Dog rolling carrier

Dog Sling Carrier

A Dog Sling Carrier is also a great option for your little friend if you are taking him along in crowded areas like a Farmers’ Market. They cross over your shoulder and your dog rides under your arm along your side.

Look for slings that are made of comfortable material such as cotton or fleece. Also, you might want to avoid zippers. With this style, often your dog has his head hanging out of the bag. I suggest a Velcro closer to avoid getting your dog’s fur stuck in the zipper.

Make sure the sling has a collar clip to help keep your dog secure, but you should be comfortable that your dog won’t try to escape prior to taking them out in crowds.

Look for adjustable straps so you can adjust the sling to rest on you in a comfortable position. Not all sling carriers have adjustable straps.

Check the weight restrictions to make sure your dog will fit in your sling carrier.

Here is an example of a dog sling carrier, but there are several varieties to choose from.

Dog sling carrier


If you have a small dog, there are several styles of cog carriers for small dogs, and in each style there is a wide variety to pick from depending on the fashion statement you are trying to make.

Make sure to take your dog’s measurements before purchasing any of the styles so you know your dog can comfortably ride along.

Work with your dog a few times at home to make sure they are comfortable riding in their new dog carrier before taking them out in Small Dogcrowds, so you know how your dog will handle their new carrier.

Check on your dog frequently in the carrier to make sure they seem relaxed and offer them several breaks from being carried around to allow them bathroom breaks and water breaks.

Dog carriers can help you and your dog have great outings together.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you. Also, please share pictures of your dog riding around in their new stylish carrier for all of us to see.





  1. This is Awesome,
    Dogs like children sometimes get tired walking, and it reaches a point that they sometimes do not measure up with our speed and its during these times that we need to carry them instead. Having a carrying purse or bag is the best idea a dog parent should consider. Thank you for this article.

    • Mercy, I agree, carrying a child or a dog in your arms can get hard to do. Putting them in a purse or sling will help them join us on all our activities and help us enjoy it more also. Thanks for reading and I’m glad your found it helpful.

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