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  1. Nick
    November 16, 2019

    How can I tell if I have a 425 or 425X?

    I purchased this collar for my dog a few months ago (after loosing the controller for my old one). I have since gotten rid of everything but the controller, collar and charger.

    I got a 2nd dog today and need to know if I can expand, or if I need to purchase a new one for the 2 dogs.



    • Marla
      November 17, 2019

      Check how many levels of static control you have. If you have the 425, it will have 7 levels and the 425X will have 21 levels. That should be the easiest way to tell the difference.


  2. Patti
    June 6, 2022

    Can I add collar to field trainer 425 ?
    I realize tht F.t. 425 discontinued.

    Ex: Field Trainer 425 x

    Would a 425 x Field Trainer (work adding another collar to basic F.T. 425)


    • Marla
      October 3, 2022

      Yes, you would be able to add the 425X collar to the 425. The Sportdog collars are interchangable.


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