Furminator For Dogs Review-Is This The Best Dog Deshedding Tool


If your house is full of dog fur and you find fur everywhere, you should look at getting a dog deshedding tool to help you have less fur floating around your house. I will provide you with the Furminator For Dogs Review for you to decide if this is the best dog deshedding tool to help you.

Does the Furminator work for getting out excessive dead fur, and is it worth the money? Let’s take a closer look.

Product: Furminator For Dogs

Where you can purchase: This will take you directly to Amazon to purchase.

Price: Under $30

Who Is The Furminator For

If you have a dog that sheds and they have an undercoat, you need a deshedding tool to help with the amount of loose dog fur floating around your house and on your furniture.

Have you ever watched your dog shake when they are in the sunlight and see the 1000s of pieces of fur fly around. Using a deshedding tool will reduce the amount of loose fur by 90%.

Dog’s with undercoats are the dogs that have big shedding twice a year and they change there coats over from winter to spring and fall to winter. Any of the sporting dogs are going to have the double coats. Examples would be Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters Alaskan Husky, Akita and many more.

You can separate your dog’s fur to see if they have an undercoat. The undercoat will be soft, downy fur. It will protect your dog from hot and cold temperatures. The top coat helps repel moisture and dirt.

Furminator For Dogs Review

Dogs with an undercoat need a deshedder to remove excessive fur.

It doesn’t matter if your dog has long fur or short fur, if they have an undercoat you should be using a deshedding tool on them to remove the dead hair below.

You can learn more about how to  control dog shedding here.

Who Is The Furminator Not For

If your dog has no undercoat and sheds very little the Furminator is not for you. Just doing a regular brushing will be enough. The purpose of the Furminator is to remove the undercoat which is hard to do without a deshedding tool.

Examples of dogs with no undercoat would be Bichon Frise, Poodles, Shih Tzu, Whippet, Terriers and many more. These are the dogs that generally are considered hypoallergenic.

The Furminator also shouldn’t be used on dogs that have extremely sensitive skin.

How To Use The Furminator Deshedding Tool

To receive the best results using the Furminator, you should brush your dog daily with your regular brush or comb that you use. This will help keep your dog’s coat clean of debris, free of tangles and removes loose surface and topcoat hair.

This will keep the coat healthy, shiny and smooth by distributing oils across the skin and coat.

Before your use the Furminator you should remove any mats and tangles. Using on matted fur can bend or break the teeth of the Furminator and will be uncomfortable for your dog.

Make sure to work in an area that is easy to clean up. There will be large amounts of loose hair and undercoat that the Furminator will remove. Also, plan that your clothes will be completely covered with fur once you get done.

Furminator For Dogs Review

Help eliminate excessive shedding with a Furminator

For best results use 1 to 2 times a week for about 10 to 20 minutes each session. You might want to do more frequently during heavy shedding seasons.

Use gentle strokes across your dog’s coat in the direction of hair growth. Start at the head and work your way back. Use extra care near your dog’s belly, legs and genitals.

Use long, gentle strokes up and away from your dog’s skin. Deep or rough brushing can cause your dog’s skin to become red and irritated. Do not apply too much weight or downward pressure.

It is also recommended that you bath your dog monthly. This will help promote a healthy skin and coat for your dog, while reducing loose hair from shedding.

Use the Furminator deshedder on your dog immediately after washing and drying your dog. Only use it on a completely dry coat. Never use when your dog is wet.

Furminator Features

The Furminator comes with a FURejector button. Push the button and it will release the dog fur with ease.

There is an edge guard on the Furminator that protects the deshedding edge. Simply press down the FURejector button and pull towards you to lock the edge guard in place.

Stainless steel deshedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat. It will remove the loose, dead undercoat from your dog without damaging the topcoat.

It will greatly reduce shedding hair and it removes most loose hair before your dog has a chance to shed it in your home. The Furminator will remove 90% of loose dog fur.

Furminator Reviews

The Furminator truly does what it is supposed to do. It is considered an Amazon’s Choice product and it is easy to see why since they have sold so many of them.

best dog deshedding tool

If you find fur piles in your home, a deshedder will help reduce that fur.

There are over 13,000 reviews of the product on Amazon’s site with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 82% of the consumers rated this product 5 stars.

Consumers are amazed with the amount of fur that comes out of their dog from using this product.

There are a couple of reviews that are lower, and most of them have complained that they received an imitation product, and not the real product made by Furminator.

This product currently ships from Furminator, so if that was an issue, it should be resolved.

Because this is such a great product, there has been copycats trying to sell the product as Furminator when it is not. So much so that Furminator has a page “Catch The Crooks” looking for help in locating the fake product.

The link that I provide you for purchasing this product is to Amazon, and Amazon’s orders are fulfilled by Furminator. You can’t purchase directly from Furminator.

Choosing The Right Furminator For Your Dog

The Furminator comes in 5 sizes. Extra small, small up to 20 pound dog, medium for a 21 to 50 pound dog, large for a 51 to 90 pound dog and giant for a dog over 90 pounds.

They also have available for long hair or short hair in each of the sizes.

If you are unsure of which size and style you should get for your dog, you can go to the solution center which will have you put in your dog’s information and the proper size and style for your dog will be provided.


This Furminator for dogs review would rate it being one of the best dog deshedding tools available. Usually when I am reviewing products, there aren’t such an overwhelming number of consumers of the product with so many of them stating how much they love the product.

Furminator For Dogs Review

Although this guy is furry, you shouldn’t use the Furminator on him.

With the price being under $30, I do believe it is worth the money when you can so greatly reduce the amount of dog fur you will have in your home. Simply having less cleaning to do is a big benefit in my opinion.

The Furminator is also available for cats, which will help with hairball problems.

Purchase your Furminator for dogs today and reduce dog hair in your home forever.  At the top of this article is a link to take you to Amazon to purchase the Furminator.

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