Backseat Bridge For Dogs-Amochien Dog Backseat Extender


If your dog is struggling with staying up on the backseat, falling in the foot well or just can’t get comfortable laying in the backseat when you are taking them along on a road trip, your solution is a backseat bridge for dogs.

The Amochien Dog Backseat Extender is designed for large vehicles like trucks, SUV’s or full sized sedans and prevents your dog from falling and keeps your seats protected and clean.

A Backseat Bridge Or Seat Extender Provides Safety

Ever have to quickly put the brakes on and your dog goes flying off the car seat? This has happened to most dog owners at one point or another. With a seat extender, you are able to protect your dog from falling and possibly injuring themselves.

This backseat bridge also keeps your dog in the backseat where you placed them. All too often, I have placed my dog in the backseat, and before I even get in the car, my dog has jumped up into the front seat. (I really do believe most dogs like riding up front with us.)

Maybe your dog doesn’t jump up front right away, but when you are driving 70 mph down the highway in thick traffic, it is not a time for your dog to decide to move up front. It can be a big distraction making sure they get up front without injuring themselves.

Using a backseat bridge or seat extender is the best way to safely keep your dog where they are supposed to be, or where you have placed them in the car. Sometimes I think that my dog thinks they should be driving the car, since they will steal my seat of it is possible.

Amochien Dog Backseat Extender

The Amochien Backseat Bridge connects between front and rear car seats, providing protection on the back of the back seat, the seat itself and the back of the front seat. It uses 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors with a snap buckle and includes 2 seat anchors. Making sure to keep the seat cover secured and in place.

The headrest straps are adjustable to fit the sizing of your vehicle.

There are seat belt openings for you to secure your dog and Amochien includes 2 dog car seat belts to strap your dog in. You can also fold down the seat extender on one side to provide seating for a person in back with your dog.

The seat extender is easy to install and installs in less than 60 seconds.

It is built with a hardwood interior, wrapped with a soft 1/2″ foam and enforced by sturdy nylon straps. The material is made with heavy-duty waterproof polyester for durability and comfort.

This seat extender lets you bridge the gap between front and back seat and extends the space your dog has for laying down, making them more comfortable and protecting them from falling.

Supports dogs up to 80 pounds.

Easy to clean. You can clean with a damp cloth or vacuum the cover.

A lifetime warranty is included that gives you a 100% money back guarantee of complete satisfaction.

The purchase includes:

  • One Amochien dog backseat extender bridge
  • One Amochien branded storage bag for when you are using the seat extender to keep it clean
  • Two dog car seat belts

Sizing Of The Amochien Dog Backseat Extender

This dog seat extender is intended for larger vehicles and will not work if you have a smaller car. The overall dimensions are 66.5″ long by 54″ wide. and weighs 10 pounds. The seat extender portion measures 26.5″ wide.

It is a great seat extender for trucks, SUV’s or full sized sedans. If you need a smaller seat extender for your vehicle, check out my recommendations of dog seat extenders that will work for smaller vehicles.

My Thoughts On The Backseat Bridge For Dogs

If you have a large vehicle and a dog, the Amochien Dog Seat Extender is the perfect way to provide your dog with comfort and more room in the backseat. It will keep your dog safe from falling or climbing in the front seat and at the same time it will protect your seats from dog hair and those muddy paws they always seem to have.

I would caution you that the material is a bit slippery, so you might want to toss a towel or thin blanket over the top to help prevent your dog from slipping.

Over 70 percent of customers who have purchased this product have rated it 5 stars, and have been really happy with the product and the comfort it gives their dogs. You can read their reviews here.


Most dogs love going wherever we are going and being included in everything. It might be traveling with you for just a short errand or traveling for a few hours to see family. Having a backseat bridge for dogs is going to make your dog’s trip that much more comfortable.

Your dog will have more room for laying down, not fall off the seat into the foot well and keep you and them safer by keeping them in the backseat and not distracting you while you are driving. You also will keep your seats cleaner from dirty paws and dog hair.

Everyone has their own personal views about seat belting your dog in the car, but if you want to use that feature, you can easily attach a seat belt to your dog with the included dog seat belts that come with this backseat extender.

Let your dog ride in luxury with this dog backseat extender.

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