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Accidents are called accidents because we have no idea when they are going to happen. I would guess that if you knew you were going to be in a car accident today, you wouldn’t take your dog along with you in the car. But we don’t know ahead of time when an accident is going to happen, so we need to be prepared.

Fortunately, I have never had a dog with me when I was in a car accident, but when my car got rear-ended many years ago, if I would have had a dog along, I am not sure they would have made it out of the crash okay.

That is why you need to take precautions for keeping you dog safe when they ride along with you. Having a crash tested dog crate will not only protect your dog, but it can also help keep passengers in the back seat safe as well.

The Variocage Dog Crate is the only dog transport cage to pass front, side, rear and roll-over crash tests. This Variocage Dog Crate review will look at why this crate will protect your dog, test results and why it is better than using a regular dog crate in your vehicle.

Why You Should Use A Crash Tested Crate For Your Dog

I see the joy that dogs have from hanging their head out the window in a car, but it really isn’t safe letting your dog do that. If you are in an accident, your dog is going to fly around in the car, possibly fly out of the car, or could injury you or your passengers by being thrown into them.

There are many different dog crates that are available, but very few that have actually been certified as crash tested dog crates.

If you have your dog in a soft crate, there is no protection for your dog what-so-ever in that crate.

If you are using a plastic crate, there is the risk that the crate will splinter, causing sharp edges that could either cut your dog or passengers in the vehicle.

Metal crates that haven’t passed crash tests could break apart, and puncture your dog or puncture through the back seat possibly injuring a passenger in the back seat.

You should make sure to look for a crash tested dog crate that has been tested by an independent test company and includes tests for sides, rear and front end accidents.

North American Variocage Crash Tested Dog Cage

I was not aware of the Variocage Crash Tested Dog Cage until I recently got my new puppy. The breeder that I got my puppy from had one in her car, and she explained to me the features and why it was important to have a dog cage that has passed the crash tests.

The Variocage is the only transport cage to have passed front, rear, side and roll-over crash tests, with proven performance in Europe for nearly a decade. It is designed to provide protection, while leaving sufficient space for other cargo.

It is available in 4 sizes from small to max and each of these sizes are adjustable to 14 different sizes to adjust for your vehicle and your dog.

You have the option to lock the doors if needed. Comes with gas hydraulic motion springs that help with the operation and prevent them from flying wide open.

If the unthinkable happens, and you get rear-ended, there is an emergency escape hatch for added safety on the back side.

Comes with a rubber carpet for comfort, ease of cleaning and to help keep it more quite in the cage.

All parts are anti-rust treated and comes with a 2-year warranty for defective parts. The warranty does not cover damage to the dog cage from an accident.

All Variocage Cages are equipped with tie-down straps to secure the cage to cargo anchor points for added safety and prevent the cage from moving around in your vehicle.

Variocage Crash Test Results

The Variocage Cage is designed to minimize puncture wounds and lacerations from the cage material. No material on the cage can hurt your dog.

It is made of steel that is flexible enough to absorb impacts and strong enough to retain its shape.

You can see the complete crash test results for Variocage and certifications with this link. You will need to click on the PDF files to download the results.

The tests were conducted with a 99 pound dog dummy in the single cage and 2 dogs weighing 77 pounds each in a double cage.

The Right Size Variocage For You

It is very important that you take measurements to make sure your are ordering the size that is right for your dog and right for your vehicle. The chart below is provided by Variocage for how you should properly measure your dog for the right fit. Go ahead and take some measurements now, I will still be here when you get back.

Variocage Dog Crate Sizing Chart

You will also need to take some measurement in your vehicle to make sure it will fit properly. Remember, each cage size has 14 different adjustments that can be made to help find the proper fit for your vehicle. Decide if you will need a single cage or if you will need a double cage.

The chart below is provided by Variocage for sizing your cage for your vehicle.

Variocage Dog Crate Car Sizing Chart


None of us leave the house thinking we are going to be in a car accident, but if that accident does happen, wouldn’t it be best to make sure that you are keeping everyone in your vehicle safe to the best of your ability, including your beloved dog?

Don’t risk your dog getting injured or anyone else in the vehicle from your dog not being kept safe in crash tested dog crates.

I realize that they are an expensive investment to make, but can you really put a value on your dog. I know I can’t. I would think of this investment to something like insurance. None of us what to pay for insurance, but when the time comes that we really need it, we are glad that we have it.

Variocage Dog Crates are no different. If you are ever in an accident when your dog is along, you will be happy that you did all you could to help keep them safe and unharmed.

If the Variocage isn’t the type you are looking for, you can take a look at other crash tested dog crates here. There are very few available that are certified crash tested.

I feel it is very important to do what we can to keep our dogs safe, and until recently, I never thought about crash tested crates. They are worth the money to keep our pets safe.

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