How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your Home Naturally


Have you gone away for a few days only to return to a house that has serious doggy smells? When you are living among the smells, you don’t notice them as easily as guests coming to your home or when you return after being gone for a few days.

How to get rid of dog smell

Is this the face your guests make when they walk into your house?

If you have a dog, my guess is that your home smells like a dog. It might be the musky smell from a wet dog or just the odors that seem to hang on dogs. They don’t have the option to shower every day like we do, and they tend to roll around in all kinds of stuff that doesn’t help their odor.

You can try air fresheners, but they aren’t healthy for our dogs and they just mask the odor, they don’t remove the odor from your home. I am going to share a great alternative on how to get rid of dog smell naturally.

If You Have A Pet, Don’t Use Air Fresheners Or Essential Oils

Air fresheners or essential oils come in lots of great scents that seem to help take care of the odors your home can get from having a dog or any pet for that matter. But air fresheners or essential oils only make your house smell good when you are using them, and if you give it a day or two, you will notice that the odor is still in your home. They cover up the smell, but don’t remove the smell.

They are also very dangerous for dogs, cats or other home pets you might have. Most of them carry ingredients called VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are extremely dangerous to our pets. I just looked at a can of air freshener, and it states right on the can to keep away from pets. Even if you aren’t spraying directly near your dog, their senses are so much greater than ours, they will be inhaling the air freshener.

In a 2005 report, many air freshener products emit allergens and toxic air pollutants including benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and more.  You can read the full air freshener report here.

How to get rid of dog smell

Air fresheners aren’t safe to use with pets in the house.

Possible Side Effects From Products With VOC

  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Loss of coordination and nausea
  • Damage to their liver, kidney and central nervous system
  • Known carcinogens (cancer causing molecules) for dogs and cats

If a sprayed air freshener accidentally gets on your dog’s food, there have been reported cases of the dog passing away. With all the dangerous side effects possible, I would think it should be an easy decision not to use these products in homes with pets.

Natural And Safe Way To Remove Dog Odor

Get rid of dog odor with bamboo charcoal bags. They are carbon activated and it is non-toxic and safe for kids, pets and the environment. There are millions of little pores that act as a sort of magnetic sponge for odors and mildew and they are completely natural and nontoxic even if your dog eats them.

How to get rid of dog smell

Bamboo charcoal comes from Moso bamboo trees.

They are convenient and the safest solution to keep your home free of unpleasant smells. Bamboo charcoal is an effective odor remover and air purifier that protects your family from mold, mildew and air-borne pathogens that cause allergies and common diseases.

Bamboo charcoal is fragrance free, residue free and chemical free and completely safe for all pets, family and the environment. It will eliminate odor instead of mask odor.

How Bamboo Charcoal Works

Bamboo charcoal traps nasty smells, excess moisture and air-borne bacteria in the tiny charcoal pores, keeping your home smelling fresh and healthy. By removing excess moisture, your home will be healthier for everyone by preventing mold and mildew from developing.

When comparing bamboo charcoal to regular wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal has ten times more surface area and is 4 times stronger in its absorption rate which significantly increases it effectiveness.

Bamboo charcoal will start working immediately when you place it in your home, however, since it doesn’t give off a scent like an air freshener, it can be difficult to know it is working right away. After a few days you will notice major improvements and within a week, odors will be completely neutralized.

The bamboo charcoal bag will last for a month before it needs to be recharged. Simply place the charcoal bag out in the sun for about 1 hour and your bamboo charcoal will be ready to work for you again. Your Bamboo charcoal should last at least 2 years before needing to be replaced with new ones.

Placement Of Charcoal Bags

You might be surprised where and how you can use the bamboo charcoal bags to eliminate odors and moisture, but you can use these just about anywhere. They work best is placed where they can get airflow through them, but they can be placed anywhere.

Uses For Bamboo Charcoal

  • Any room to remove odors, musky smells and moisture
  • Refrigerator
  • Closets
  • Gym Bags
  • Vehicles
  • Drawers or cabinets
  • Diaper pails

I recommend using 2 bags for bigger areas like kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms and 1 bag for areas like laundry room, litter box area, bathroom, vehicle or closet.


Keeping our house smelling less like a dog and more neutral will make you happier and your guests not leaving talking about how your house smells like a big dog. I know, I have experienced leaving for the weekend and walking into my home being almost knocked over with the smell of dog I have even noticed it in my car when I get in. If you have a dog, your house smells like your dog unless you are taking measures to eliminate the odors.

How to get rid of dog smell

Musky dog smell is hard to get out of your house

Air fresheners simply cover up the odor, but does nothing to remove the odor from your home, and they aren’t safe for your dog to inhale. If you want to get rid of that musky dog smell along with all the other nasty air-borne pathogens floating around your home, the best way is with bamboo charcoal bags. How to get rid of dog smell naturally will keep your dog healthier, your home smelling better and a healthier home all around when you use bamboo charcoal.

It is a fairly inexpensive way to keep the smell of your house neutral and with it lasting at least 2 years, it is a smart route to go. Keep your dog safe by not using air fresheners and the smells gone. We owe it to our dogs, but our guests will appreciate it as well.

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