How To Safely Get Your Dog In A Boat-Dog Ramps For Boats


When you are going boating, your dog might be the most excited family member to be included in this day of fun. Our dogs love going wherever we are going, and most dogs love the water and going swimming. What a perfect day for a dog.

Dog ramps for boats

Make it easier for you and your dog to get in the boat.

The problem with taking our dog along boating, is getting them back in the boat. I myself have really struggled to try to get a couple of Golden Retrievers that weigh 90 pounds along with all the weight of the water, back into the boat. How to safely get your dog in a boat without you getting hurt or your dog getting hurt can be a real challenge.

That is why you need to take a look at dog ramps for boats. They are a safe and easy way for your dog to enjoy swimming without struggling to get back in the boat, someone has to lift them in the boat and prevents you from getting scratched from your squirming dog when you lift them.

I have researched dog ramps searching for the safest and best dog ramps for boats. There really aren’t that many good options available for getting your dog back in the boat. Several I wouldn’t even consider, since I didn’t feel they were safe or I felt that a dog would have to struggle too much to use them.

Dog On Water Ramp

This is an inflatable water ramp for dogs that works great on all boats, docks and pools. It provides your dog with a safe easy way to get out of the water without you having to pull or lift your dog up.

Dog ramps for boats

Dog On Water Ramp

There are 2 inflatable floats that your dog swims between with a ramp made of a “superman” mesh which is rubberized coated fabric. The mesh is negatively buoyant, allowing your dog to always have access to the ramp. The mesh provides great traction, but doesn’t let your dog’s nails to get stuck in it. It is also an area that your dog can just rest on without getting out of the water when they just need a little break.

The platform is UV treated with ridges for added traction and holes that allow for water drainage. It is impact resistant plastic resin that is super durable. The interior of the platform is hollow allowing it to be lightweight in the water.

There is no painted metal that can rust and no carpet that can become waterlogged or get mold and mildew on it.

Included Parts

  • 2 flotation tubes with inner air bladders
  • 1 platform/deck attached to mesh ramp and metal spreader bar
  • 1 traction mat
  • 1 inflation/fill adapter

You will need 2 lengths of 3/8″ rope to tie the floating ramp to your boat or dock.

You should remove the ramp when not in use and occasionally wash it to remove algae, salt water or chlorine.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

This dog ramp for boats, docks or pools is one of the best ones available to provide your dog with a safe route out of the water and it will make it easier for you and your dog. Watch the video to see how easily your dog will be able to get in and out of the boat with a Dog On Water Ramp.


  1. It is a floating ramp, so you don’t lose use of your boat ladder.
  2. Easy for dogs to use.
  3. Easy to attach to boat.
  4. Very lightweight.
  5. Rust And Corrosion Proof


  1. It is quite large – hard to store in smaller boats

OPINION: I feel that this is the best option for getting your dog back in the boat after swimming out of all the ramps that I am going to discuss. It is the safest ramp for your dog to use, and I don’t feel that a dog will have to struggle to get up in the boat using this ramp. Many of the other ramps, I feel that most dogs would struggle with, especially if your dog is getting older.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder And Ramp

This dog boat ramp is portable, lightweight and durable. Can be attached and removed in seconds and includes a universal grip that fits almost all boat ladders with 3 or more steps. It reduces pain and strain for dogs and their owners.

The slip resistant ribbed steps provide grip so your dog won’t slip or injure themselves and can support dogs up to 150 pounds. This ramp is not for people to use, but can be easily removed if a person needs to use the ladder. Just detach the ramp and the dog ramp will float alongside the boat.

This doggy boat ladder measures 16″ wide x 64″ long and folds in half for easy storage.


  • Rust and corrosion proof
  • UV resistant
  • Washes easily with soap and water


  1. Fits any boat with ladder 3 steps or more.
  2. Lightweight
  3. Folds in half for storage
  4. Slip resistant
  5. Floats on the surface
  6. Rust and corrosion proof


  1. No sides – dogs can fall off the side.
  2. Better for small to medium-sized dogs.
  3. The taller the boat, the steeper the ramp.

OPINION: This dog ramp is a bit more concerning for me for a couple of reasons. I don’t think it is a great option if you have a really tall boat. The taller the boat, the steeper the ramp will be for your dog to climb up. It also concerns me that there aren’t any sides going up the steps. A distracted dog could easily go over the side off of this ramp.

Great Day Load-A-Pup

This dog ramp is more commonly used for smaller boats or hunting boats, but should work on pontoon boats as well. It attaches to the transom or side of any hunting boat and adjusts to the perfect level for your dog to easily use.

It can be positioned at water level to eliminate the boat rocking when your dog is using and is constructed of aircraft aluminum that only weigh 7 pounds.

The platform is 14″ x 20″ and comes with gripping ridges to provide your dog with a sure footing and preventing them from slipping.

The weight capacity is 200 pounds and it can fold flat for storage.


  1. Lightweight


  1. Works best on smaller boats only

OPINION: If you are looking for something for your hunting dog, this is probably the best dog ramp for you. The price is more affordable and generally when bird hunting you are using a smaller boat that is closer to the water. It is also a great ramp for someone who has a smaller boat or a fishing boat. Using this ramp on larger boats would still make it hard for your dog to get up to the next level of the boat from this ramp.

Petsafe Solvit Dog Ramp

This is not a dog ramp that you can attach to your boat for your dog to use when you are in the water, but it is a great dog ramp to use with your boat when you beach your boat. If you pull up to a beach or sandbar to park it for a bit, you still need to get your dog in and out of the boat.

Larger dogs are still hard to get in even pontoon boats when you are at the beach, unless you are able to lift them up on the deck of the boat. Generally, the decks are too high for your dog to jump up on without possibly injuring themselves.

The Solvit Dog Ramp is a great option for several reasons. Not only can you use it on your boat, but it is also the dog ramp that I recommend dog owners have for their dog getting into and out of vehicles. Here 1 ramp can work for 2 different applications, helping you save money.

Here is the full review of the Solvit Dog Ramp.


  1. Lightweight only weighing 13 pounds
  2. Telescoping dog ramp that extends from 39″ to 72″ making it a great ramp for most heights
  3. Textured surface to prevent slipping
  4. Side guide rails to help your dog feel more secure
  5. 17″ wide. This is one of the widest ramps which help larger dogs feel safer
  6. Sturdy enough to support up to 400 pounds


  1. Can’t be used out in deep water for a ramp.

OPINION: If you aren’t looking for a ramp that you use in the water for your dog to get back into the boat, but rather a ramp for your dog to use when you are at the beach, this is the perfect ramp for your dog. It is easy to store, can be used with your vehicles, is wide for extra safety, and length is adjustable helping with how steep the ramp is.

Final Thoughts

I think that taking your dog along with you when you go boating will make the entire day more fun. Your dog will be thrilled to be included on the outing, it is great exercise for them to swim around, and you can relax knowing you don’t have to hurry home to let your dog outside.

Dog ramps for boats

Help these guys get back in the boat with a dog ramp.

Knowing how to safely get your dog in a boat by using dog ramps for boats will just make the entire experience that much better for you and your dog. There are several other things you might want to consider for dog boating needs, from life jackets to sunblock for your dog.

Have a great day boating, and I hope your dog gets to come along with you.

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