Friends Forever Dog Bed Review-Luxury Dog Couch Beds


Friends Forever Dog Bed Review


Name: Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Sizes: Small 20″ x 25″ x 2.5″ up to 30 pounds, Large 36″ x 28″ x 9″ up to 75 pounds, XL 44″ x 34″ x 10″ up to 100 pounds, XXL Jumbo 40″ x 50″ x 13″ up to 130 pounds

Price: Large is under $110 at time of publishing

Colors: Cappuccino, Cocoa, Khaki Beige, Pewter, and Vanilla

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Available From: Amazon

Friends Forever Dog Bed, Product Overview

This dog bed is a luxurious dog bed or rather a dog couch. We all know how much our dogs love laying on our couch. Having this dog bed will remove them from your couch to enjoy their very own couch. It is shaped like a smaller version of a couch including having bolsters surrounding the bed to provide extra support for your dog’s back, neck and head.

Friends Forever Dog Bed Review

Memory foam provides support for bones and joints.

Bolsters are poly-filled to add comfort and really work great for dogs that like to be snuggled in, like support on their backs or like to drape the neck and head on a pillow or over anything that is near to where they are laying.

The bed is created with a patented memory foam technology. It is made with the Maxima premium baby human grade mattress memory foam that is 4″ thick. This memory foam will provide comfort and support for your dog’s head, hips and bones by supporting all of your dog’s pressure points, keeping their spine in a straight line while they sleep.

Cover is removable by using metal zippers and is easy to spot clean or machine washable. The cover is hand crafted with ultra-premium microfiber suede which provides comfort, stretch and flexibility. It is incredibly soft, breathable and durable. It is fur and hair resistant, making clean up a breeze. It is also an anti-tear cover, which will help with those dogs that like to scratch up their bed before actually laying down.

Water resistant liner, and non-skid, non-slip bottom to help protect your dog from falling if the dog bed moves when getting in or out of the bed.

The Good And The Bad

The Good:

Pro #1: 4″ Orthopedic Memory Foam

Pro #2: Soft Removable Cover – Machine Washable

Pro #3: Several sizes and colors to choose from, making sure you can fit your dog and your home decor

Pro #4: Dog Couch Bed – providing support for back, neck and head.

The Bad:

Con #1: Water Resistant – Not Waterproof

Who Is Friends Forever Dog Bed For?

Friends Forever Dog Bed Review

Our dogs deserve sleeping on something softer than the hard floor.

This luxury dog bed is great for any dog owner that wants to provide exceptional comfort for their dog. Memory foam is one of the most comfortable beds that dogs or humans can sleep on. It will provide better comfort for your dog, helping them to feel better when they get up.

This bed is especially great for older dogs that need additional support for their bones and joints. If you have a dog that likes to sleep curled up, likes support behind their back or likes placing their head or neck over something when they sleep, this is the style of dog bed you should be getting for your dog.

If you dog likes to always sleep completely stretched out on their side, this might not be the dog bed for you, unless you purchase a dog bed large enough to give your dog the room that they will need.

Friends Forever Dog Bed Warranty

Most dog beds don’t come with a warranty. Friends Forever has a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a 1-year warranty. If your dog doesn’t like sleeping on his new luxury dog couch, simply return it for a full refund.

My Final Opinion Of Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

I believe that the Friends Forever Dog Bed is a great dog bed for dogs that need a place of their own that is comfortable. It will provide the support that your dog needs for their joints, and you will be surprised how much easier it will be for your dog to get up after laying on this orthopedic dog bed.

Friends Forever Dog Bed Review

A luxury dog couch just might get your dog off your own couch to his couch.

I do have concerns with it being only water resistant. That is not the same as waterproof. If your dog is older and doesn’t have the same bladder control he once had, or if you have a puppy that might still have occasional accidents, you will be disappointed if you don’t take extra measures to protect the memory foam. You can always wash the cover, but it won’t be as easy to get the odor out of the foam.

There are safety measures that you can take to protect the memory foam, and I strongly recommend that you do if there is a chance your dog could have an accident. You can either cover the foam with plastic (under the cover), or what I have used before is a child’s mattress protective pad. You can just cut it to fit. After spending all your money on a great bed for your dog, the last thing you need is it to get damaged from your buddy having an accident.


This Friends Forever Dog Bed Review is designed to help you decide if your dog would be more comfortable sleeping on luxury dog couch beds than sleeping on the floor or on your actual couch. As your dog starts to age, they will have a harder time getting up on your couch (if you allow that), and they also need more support for their body. Puppies seem to be able to sleep anywhere that they drop, but older dogs need more.

The Friends Forever Dog Bed can provide your dog the comfort that they need and that they deserve.

If you don’t believe this is the right style of dog bed for the way that your dog sleeps, check out 2019 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for additional information.

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