How To Remove Dog Hair-On Couch, Clothes And Car


If you have a dog, you most likely have dog hair in more places than you can even imagine. When I am going to be home all day with my dog, it really isn’t a big deal if I am covered in dog hair, but if I need to go out in public like to work or dinner or meeting friends, I don’t like looking like I am trying to grow my own fur coat.

This is my little fur dropper.

I am going to provide you with the best ways for how to remove dog hair on you couch, in your car or from your clothes. Just because we live with a dog, doesn’t mean we need to look like our dog.

Routinely brushing or combing your dog, will help with the amount of dog fur you will find in your home, on your furniture and on your clothes. If you are need a recommendation for the best dog deshedding tool, take a look at the Furminator for dogs review. The more fur you remove from brushing your dog, the less that will be everywhere else.

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover

If dog hair on your furniture is the problem you are having, the ChomChom Roller is highly recommended for removing dog hair.

It can easily remove dog hair from couches, beds, blankets, carpet and more. There is no sticky tape or adhesive paper with this dog hair remover. It can be reused over and over again. Once you have made the purchase, you don’t need to purchase fillers every few months.

Use short back and forth strokes with the roller. The dog hair and lint is captured in the dust receptacle that you can just empty when you are done with your clean-up.

There are no batteries or power source, making this easy to use for a quick clean-up of dog hair. The ChomChom Roller even picks up dog hairs embedded deeply in couches or furniture.

I would not recommend using this product on your clothing though. It is designed for furniture and carpet.

You can clean the roller with a soft towel that has been soaked in water and wipe down the red roller.

The reviews for this product are very positive, especially from people who have used the sticky tape removers previously.

It seems that the pricing for this product has fluctuated up and down at times. If you can purchase it for under $25, I would consider you are getting it for the right price. A higher price than that, I would wait and watch for the price to come back down.

Laundry Pet Hair Remover

This FurZapper works in your clothes washer and dryer. Place the FurZapper hair removal tool in your washer and than move to your dryer with the clothes.

Do not use dryer sheets when using this product, or it will decrease the effectiveness of the product. You can wash your clothes and use fabric softener in the washing machine, but not in the dryer.

FurZapper is reusable and easy to use. It cleans itself in your washing machine, and can be repeatly used.

I have to be honest, there are a few different styles on the market to use in the dryer, but all of them get mixed reviews. Some really love the product, and others have stated that it doesn’t work that great.

The price is low enough that if you are looking for an easier way to remove dog hair than a lint roller, it is worth trying out. It does work really great for many, and I like that you can also use it on your furniture.

Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser

The best way for you to remove dog hair from your couch, stairs or car is with a vacuum. The Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser is designed just for that.

The lightweight handheld cordless vacuum is perfect for when you need to do a quick clean-up job. You can just grab it and go with no cords or hoses getting in the way. Makes it great for cleaning stairs or cars.

It comes with a triple level filtration which provides better cleaning performance and specialized pet tools to make clean-up easy. There is a motorized brush tool that works great on stairs and carpet, an upholstery tool for cleaning dog hair off your furniture and a crevice tool that works great behind the cushions or in small places.

The Pet Hair Eraser comes with a 14V lithium ion battery which gives it more power than most handheld vacuums and provides an extended run time before needing recharging. This vacuum should run for up to 17 minutes before needing a charge.

There are no vacuum bags required. It comes with a large and easy to empty dirt bin. Just pull it out and empty into your trash.

This is the perfect lightweight tool for quickly getting rid of those dog messes that all dog owners experience.

The reviews for the Bissell 2390 are mainly very positive. Over 78% of consumers rate this product 5 stars out of 5.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Stunick Pet Hair Remover

Most of you are familiar with the standard lint brush, but the Stunick Pet Hair Remover is a step above those.

This is Amazon’s #1 best-seller in dog hair accessories category, and I believe because it is offering something a bit different from the standard lint brushes. On a standard lint brush, it can be a real pain getting the brush clean. Usually you need to brush backwards to clean, putting all the hair and lint back on what you just cleaned.

The Stunick lint brush is self-cleaning. You dip the brush in the base when you are done and when you pull it out, it is clean. There is a removable collection tray on the bottom that you simple empty out.

This lint brush removes dog hair from clothes, working with wool, cable sweaters, pants, comforters, carpet, upholstery and car seats.

It is reusable, unlike the sticky tape that you need to keep purchasing to replace it. This is one purchase, and you are done.

The reviews for the Stunick are good, with 73% of consumers rating it 5 stars out of 5.

You Have A Dog, You Have Dog Hair

Dog hair on your clothes, furniture, stairs and car seats is something that dog owners have learned to expect. It is part of having a dog, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you are growing dog fur too.

I have listed 4 options on how to remove dog hair that should work for whichever option you like working with best. They will help you remove dog hair on you couch, remove dog hair from your clothes and remove dog hair from your car. Choose the method that will work best for your situation.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back with you. You can follow justforyourdog.com on FaceBook or Pinterest for all the latest updates.

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